As much as I love pretty dresses there are some occasions that call for separates. And as seen in this post I am a massive fan of BiuBiu tops as I like their simple style, bold colours and versatility – and who can fault their amazing prices and fabric quality! If you have not come across BiuBiu and you are confused by the numbers and letters then just think of them like Pepperberry sizes – the 34 is a UK8 and so on, and the B’s stand for the curvy sizes.

I recently made an order for 4 BiuBiu tops, all size 44BB/BBB. I wanted a few new colours so I went for a Forest Infinity, a Rotterdam Red, and two Amsterdams, one grey and one blue.
As you can see the tops are all pretty similar in their shape and neckline. The Amsterdam tops have wrap around sashes, maybe best explained and demonstrated in this post by CurvyWordy. They can be fastened at the front, back or side depending on how you want to wear it. Out of all the tops I found the Infinity the most flattering on the stomach area, something I always look for in my outfits. All of them are quite low cut which may be a problem in some situations, but as the weather turns even colder over here, layering up is a must, especially as these are fairly thin material wise.
The sleeves were a perfect length on me and could easily be rolled up. The tops sat well on me and ruched up easily to further conceal my wobbly belly.

The jeans are from Evans.


At £20 a pop these versatile bust friendly tops are a must this winter.  They are simple, flattering, elegant and will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe for a long time to come.


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