A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Laura Whittaker who told me that she was looking for ladies to photograph for her photography degree. She was shooting in a pin up style – and so I did not even hesitate to say yes! I have always wanted to try out some pin up shots and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I spent the weeks leading up to the shoot keeping a close eye on her Facebook page and became increasingly impressed by what I saw there. My favourite shots were of the gorgeous Julia of Collectif as she looked sublime.
And so the day arrived! I travelled to Essex with an attractive beanie hat on as I had pin curls in my hair and would be doing my hair and make up when I got to the Uni campus. Laura met me at the reception and took me to the studio where I set about putting my face on and setting my victory rolls. And then the shoot began!
Laura’s fellow student Maggie was also present and took a few shots of me. We started off in my military dress and Laura and Maggie were great at directing me and telling me how to pose. They let me look at the photos as they went which made me feel less anxious!

Next we moved onto my Heidi dress and I stuck on some petticoats and my stockings and suspenders as we would be going for those cheeky flashing pin up looks.

The last dress that we shot it was the Erin dress.

And throughout the whole process I felt amazing! I was complimented, praised, given good clear directions, shown some fantastic pin up shots to help inspire me and give me an idea of Laura’s vision. I really enjoyed my day and it was great to briefly meet Poppy Scarlet and Bexy Beatdown whose shots you can see here.

I would thoroughly recommend booking Laura if you ever want some shots done. She really knows her stuff and has not yet produced a bad image! She also has a Tumblr on which she posts her work so check her out and see what you think!

Thank you Laura and Maggie for letting me have a pintastic time <3


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