So I’ve blogged about underwear…I’ve blogged about dresses, tops, trousers and skirts…so now, by popular request, it’s time to take you into my accessory world!  I think I am a typical ‘big girl’ as I do love to stock up on accessories as they are something that will never change or show my size…
I apologise for the photos taken today, I am not feeling great and so hair/make up/nice clothes went out the window!!!
So, firstly…shoes! A lot of people have a types when it comes to men, me? I have it for shoes. Not too high, usually around 3 inches, and no rocky platforms – I made that mistake once before… I usually prefer a rounded toe and some sort of strap/buckle/elastic to hold me in (and also makes carrying them home a bit easier!) but I can’t do ankle straps as I have cankles as it is!! I am not a massive fan of skinny heels but I do break the rules with a few pairs.

I usually settle for the same old black pairs but am a bit OCD about having different coloured shoes! I have wide feet and so try to buy wider shoes where possible, usually from New Look or Next. However, eBay is my best friend for shoes as they are cheap and already broken in – yippee!!!

Next…as winter is coming…HATS!
I do prefer to wear my thick tangly mane up as it just gets annoying and even more tangly when down, but it is fab for insulation in the winter, especially under some cute hats.
My favourite hat ever is one of those generic bear ones (apologies for the photoshopped posed pics):

I also love my also generic fluffy ear flap hat:

Bags! I am not really a handbag girl but I do love my going out bags! Due to paranoia about going out in London drunk I prefer clutch bags to any other, that way I always have my possessions close to me and my hand over the opening!

And jewellery! As a chesty girl I give a big thumbs down to big dangly necklaces that will fall into the cleavage and also just draw way too much attention to an already prominent area. This is about as chunky and busy as I go necklace wise:

But as you can see I am a massive fan of jewellery and so it doesn’t stop me wearing it, I just try not to wear rings AND bracelets AND earrings AND a hair flower AND a necklace all at once…sometimes…

And when it comes to earrings…anything goes! Long and dangly, oversized studs, cute delicate studs, hoops…earrings are my favourites!

Probably why I have so many…

So that was my short and sweet foray into my accessory world! I’d love some feedback as to what kind of accessories you wear and whether your body shapes makes you think you suit some things better than others :)


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