Shopping on the high street is rarely an enjoyable or happy experience for me. I have to find things that cover my legs to the knee, cover my arms or can be worn with a cardi, are not too high-necked, fit around my boobs and fit over my bum. It is little wonder that I am addicted to shopping online at specialist stores.

One major issue I have is finding jeans. Jeggings are all very well and I own a fair few pairs from Evans as I find their size 16 ones fit me perfectly, but they are not always ideal and I often have to re adjust them to stop them slipping down and off my plump rump. It was after a frustrating shopping trip that I googled ‘jeans for big bottoms’ and came across PZI Jeans. It took me a while to work out my size but after watching a few videos and reading a few reviews I went for a size 16 and ordered two pairs. The cost of them and the shipping is not cheap, but I was desperate for something that didn’t look like this:

And so my first two pairs turned up. A snug fit but wow, they went over my bottom and I didn’t need a belt!!! I then went onto order 3 more pairs, all in a 16 and couldn’t have been happier! One pair was so long that I decided to turn them into some cropped jeans which worked well. As I have lost a bit of weight I have found some styles to be quite forgiving and need a belt but they are still the best jeans ever, the Bravissimo of bums, I love PZI!
They are not cheap and ordering online is always a risk but when you find the right size it is so worth it! Check out their Facebook page for deals and advice and give them a go!

I would highly recommend checking out Sophia’s review of them as she is also a convert since I introduced her to them (and she has a great bum!)


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