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Busty Basics

7 Mar

As you will have seen in my previous post, when on holiday in Vietnam recently I took advantage of the cheap and plentiful tailors and tried to get myself a custom fit dress. Whilst there, I also tried to get a hoodie made. It’s something so basic, but it is so hard for me to find one that fits! They’re either too baggy, too tight with the pockets too high up, or the zip fails to climb any further around my bust. I have found a few hoodies that have come close, but often the pocket situation occurs, which in turn loses my waist and I struggle with that. Sadly, the tailors couldn’t quite meet my needs for a zip up hoodie with pockets, and so I gave it a miss and vowed to look harder on the high street.

Not so long ago, I was in Primark with my boyfriend. He has a few size medium Primark hoodies that I do wear, however, they are quite baggy on me. And so I thought I would try the size smalls, just to see if they would work any better…


Wowsa! What a great fit! They could fit a *tiny* bit better on my waist, but at ten pounds a pop I was more than happy with them. I went all out and got three of these beauties in a few of my favourite colours. They zip up easily, the pockets sit perfectly and the length is spot on.


I didn’t find much variation between the colours in terms of fit. The hoodies come in about 8 different colours, and it was hard to pick just these three!


The jeans worn in my post are from Evans Clothing and the boots are from Australia.

Are you also a fan of hoodies, but do you struggle to find any that fit well? If you can’t get to a Primark then you may be interested in these hoodies from BiuBiu that are designed to fit a larger bust.