I adore Rosie Red. Not only have I been involved in some incredible shoots where I have got to wear some extraordinary creations of hers, she also pimped my wedding dress and made me a dress coat, has made me three incredible corsets and a dress, and has been one of the most loyal people in my life for quite some time now. And so when she invited me to do another shoot with her I was over the moon – especially as it woud be with one of my long time internet crushes, the wonderful powerhouse that is Elly Mayday!

We actually had part of the shoot in my back garden which was amazing as it’s a bit of a work in progress right now! And then we headed to a nearby park and had a few outfit and hair changes. It was such a joy to watch Elly at work and be in the presence of someone so kind and sweet and inspirational. She really suited Rosie’s pieces – especially the red and black Belladonna dress. Richard Wakefield the photographer was just the right mix of professional and complimentary. It’s so nice to work with someone with such a visible passion for photography and creating fantasy images. He was really joyful about everything he did and that helps get the best results. It was also great to work with hair stylist Lucy Jayne again as she is such a sweetheart. She is just so talented at what she does, and Elly and I had hair extensions and she was magical at getting them to behave! She assisted on the shoot with corset lacing and smoke bomb waving as well!

So here are some of the images from the shoot. I have to say I really loved the black and purple creation. The colour of the skirt was out of this world, and it was nice to unleash my darker side! And, of course, it’s always wonderful to wear the ‘Wild Roses’ pieces.

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