Between moving house, changing cities and the crazy run of bad luck I’ve had recently, my moods have been all over the place. I think it can often seem that I am living a very full and happy life online, and I do for the most part. But I definitely have days where I feel awful – about life, my body, my abilities. I guess we all do. Just to clarify, I am not talking about mental health issues as they are a whole other kettle of fish and I don’t know much about them. This post is about feeling down, not depression or anything similar.

Sometimes I just wallow in it. I cry, eat chocolate and snuggle my pet rats whilst they struggle out of my teary embrace. But there are other things I do to try to snap me out of my funk…

It’s a known fact that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy. And for me, things like boxing and cardio training can really help me vent frustrations – plus personally I feel best when I sweat during a work out, just as some people feel fantastic after yoga. Exercise doesn’t always have to be about weight loss or muscle gains – it can simply be about feeling great in the skin you’re in and marvelling at what your body is capable of when you put your mind to it.

Freshly shaved legs, clean sheets, a face mask, a pedicure – it can be cheap or even free to relax at home and indulge in a little self care. A bubble bath with a glass or two of wine, a hilarious chick flick – whatever works for you! I personally like to tweeze my brows, pop on a hair mask and face mask, shave my legs and roll about like a slippery baby dolphin in fresh sheets whilst watching ‘White Chicks’.

Social Media Switch Off
I am a slave to my phone. What with being a blogger and general social media addict, I cannot get enough of my baby aka my iPhone. And social media can be a powerful thing. We see so much news from around the world and from school friends that we would never normally have kept in contact with. It can be hilarious, amazing, informative – but it can always make you feel like shit. Perfect looking people with perfect lives getting 100 likes on every status. And so sometimes a mini break from that world is needed in order to stop you feeling inadequate

Phone A Friend
I have a brilliant group of friends, and what with the amount of emotional voice notes I’ve sent them I am shocked that they still stick around! But that’s the beauty of a friendship – being there for each other people and having them be there for you. A true friend will never ever walk away when you need them, so never feel like you are a burden and always rely on your friends.

Go For A Drive
This of course only work if you are in a calm enough state to handle a vehicle! But sometimes going for a drive and concentrating on something that is second nature to you can help clear your mind of things for an hour or so. Drive somewhere beautiful and reflect.

A Good Night’s Sleep
I am so bad at getting to bed at a reasonable time and switching my phone off and just chilling out before drifting off. But it is such a crucial thing to do as a great night’s sleep is essential for your wellbeing.

Eat&Drink Well
Eating chocolate is a great short term mood perker, but for me personally I feel much better if I eat and drink lots of healthy things. I am less sluggish, less prone to break outs and, ahem, things are more regular which is obviously a little more comfortable!

Make Plans
Having something to look forward to is a great way to shake yourself out of a low mood. Today might be a colossal fuck up but you’ve got that wedding/holiday/cinema trip to look forward to then it’s something you can focus on – because things can get better.

Tart Yourself Up
Slap on some lippie, wing that liner, curl your hair and make yourself feel beautiful! Why not take a few selfies and stick them on instagram whilst you’re at it!

What do you do to help perk yourself up when feeling down?


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