Being a larger girl isn’t just as simple as needing larger clothes. Larger fingers need larger rings, larger necks need longer necklaces, and larger legs require larger socks, tights and boots.
Wide fit boots used to be rarer than unicorn scales, and when you could find them they often didn’t reflect what was available in smaller sizes. Happily, times have changed, and there are styles, shades and sizes for every taste.
One company that caters to the thicker calved boot wearers is Jilsen. Jilsen started off making boots in regular calf widths under a different company name, but a few years ago recognised the demand for wide calf boots and so fulfilled it. And what I love most is the fact that they haven’t made a seperate range of boots as the calf wicth goes up, they simply offer every boot in different calf widths and colours.

Jilsen recently contacted me and offered a pair of boots to try, and I was like a kid in a sweet shop looking through all the styles. I have a few pairs of flatter wide fit boots, and so I ended up going for a slightly more elegant heeled pair – the ‘Lida’ boots in dark brown in a 48cm calf width, my exact calf width! I measured my calves around the widest part whilst sitting down to get them at their biggest.
I always think that dark brown looks a lot more chic than black, and loved the look of these with the simple buckle and fairly chunky heels.

A few days later my boots arrived!


I instantly tried them on and found them to be super comfortable and elegant looking. I chose to pair them with some jeans for the close up photos to show how well they fit into the boots, and just a simple skirt and cardigan combo for the full outfit shots.

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I do have fairly wide feet, and I found the boots spot on and easy to walk in. They didn’t rub or feel too thin on the sole, and they were a fantastic fit around my calf. They are very soft inside and the fabric isn’t cheap or shiny looking, it’s a great quality and it shows.

6 8 7 9

These boots would be perfect for work or for a more dressy day out. They look elegant and smart and I can see them being a staple in my winter wardrobe. I always struggle to walk in heels for too long and yet sometimes I want a bit of height and so these would be a perfect comfy alternative. Chunky heels are the best for heavier girls who feel the burn on the balls of their feet a little quicker, and these will definitely keep me pain free for a few hours.

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At present Jilsen boots are available in sizes 3-8 (UK) and calf widths 44cm, 48cm and 52cm. They come in tens of styles and several different colours in each style. The price certainly reflects the quality from what I have seen, and I am confident that these boots are made to last. I hope that one day they will extend the sizes to include larger calves and feet, but for now, 15 different sizing varieties for ample legged wearers is great.

14 17 16 15

What do you think of these boots? Do you like the variety of boots available on the Jilsen site? Which pair is your favourite?

Skirt: Simply Be
Cardigan: Primark
Bag: Accessorize

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