I have always loved Indian fashion. The bright colours, luxurious fabrics and modest yet feminine styles are all big ticks in my book. And so when Strand Of Silk contacted me offering me the chance to have a custom made piece from their vast array of products on their website, I was super excited!
I met up with the adorable Alana from the brand, and we discussed a few things including my preferred style of clothing and the sort of price point that would suit myself and my readers when demonstrating a piece from their website. She told me more about the brand, showed me some beautiful photos from a shoot she styled and we even discussed cultural appropriation, which is a line that can be crossed by some without realising it when it comes to wearing pieces traditionally meant for other cultures.
Not long after she told me that the designer who would be the best fit for me would probably be Swatee Singh, and I was asked to choose an item.
It took me about thirty seconds to decide on the piece that I wanted. A beautiful colourful dress with a lovely full skirt and a fun asymmetrical neckline – the ‘Vibrant Retro Flared Dress’ was the one for me!

Indian Fashion Designers - Swatee Singh - Contemporary Indian Designer Clothes - Dresses - SWS-AW14-SSD-32 - Vibrant Retro Flared Dress - 1

Alana sent me a list of measurements that I was to take as well as a chart to show me exactly what was meant by each measurement. It took a little time to do and to be sure it was all accurate but it was straightforward, and I sent off my measurement and my dress went into production.

A few weeks later a lovely box arrived, and it contained my beautiful dress. Fully lined and made with the most gorgeous, vibrantly coloured silk, it was a thing of real beauty. I had to try it on straight away, and I was pleased at the way it fitted me so perfectly – I did the measurements right!

DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0008 DSC_0015

I added my Curvy Kate strapless Luxe bra to the outfit, and the fitted aspect of the dress didn’t allow my boobs to go anywhere!

DSC_0023 DSC_0039 DSC_0070 DSC_0080

The dress fastens with an invisible zip and a hook and eye under the arm, and so it looks flawless all over. My measurements specified that the dress hit my just below the knee which it did perfectly. The neckline was fab – I could have had a different one but I fancied a change to my usual preferred style of neckline and sleeves, and this provided that.

DSC_0086 DSC_0096 DSC_0149

I think that the diagonal neckline gives a nod towards Indian fashion – it almost reminds me of a saree. The bright colours and silk are also nice touches that give the outfit an Indian feel, and I imagine that if styled in a traditional Indian way it would look eye popping!
I chose to style it in a modern/pin up way and I think it works rather well.

DSC_0152 DSC_0182 DSC_0200 DSC_0210

I certainly got a few stares as Robbie and I wandered around Twickenham last Sunday to take photos – one man even stopped us to say that we looked like a lovely couple and my dress reminded him of a shirt he wore in his native Barbados and a girl he used to know there. It’s certainly a show stopper and extremely comfortable to wear. I really wish I had a forthcoming wedding to wear it to!


Do you fancy trying this dress for yourself or something else from the Strand Of Silk website? If so use the code ‘GEORGINAJUN2015‘ and get 10% off until the end of June 2015. The code can be used up to 50 times – so hurry if you do have your eye on something!

What do you think of this beautiful the ‘Vibrant Retro Flared Dress’ by Swatee Singh? Where would you wear it if you had one? Would you keep it as is or would you change the length or neckline? Let me know!

My accessories are from Accessorize and my shoes are from Primark :)


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