Some of you might recall last year’s review of some anti-chafing shorts from The Big Bloomers Company.


They certainly served me well during the summer, and I know that a few of you also enjoyed the joy of rub free thighs after buying yourselves a pair. Well, after saying to Laura that a lace trim might be a nice option, this is a brief post to say… the shorts are back with a lace trim!

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Being that their function is to stop chafing and not create a sexy mood, it’s no wonder that they aren’t the most glorious things to look at. But the little lace trim at the bottom of the legs will certainly make it a little less embarrassing should a dress or skirt ride up whilst wearing them.

bbcflash1 bbcflash2

This dress is the Cosette from Lady Voluptuous.

The lace trim doesn’t itch or dig in, and it’s just a nice little touch.

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I am wearing an 18-22 in these, and as you can see there’s ample room in them. They are super soft and stretchy but still stay up perfectly. They are quite thin and breathable, but not thin enough to be flashing my flaps, so no knickers required underneath!

Click here to shop the anti-chafing lace trim shorts from The Big Bloomers Company.

*This is a sponsored post. My fee always covers my exposure and reach. It NEVER sways my opinion.*


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