It’s crazy to think that it’s been FOUR WEEKS since Lady Voluptuous first launched. Four weeks of relentlessly spamming you guys on social media, and four weeks of pride at seeing so many gorgeous ladies in my creations.

Recently, another style got added to the line up – the Bellatrix.

Bellatrixbts_28 Bellatrixbts_26 Bellatrixbts_25 Bellatrixbts_24 Bellatrixbts_23 Bellatrixbts_15 Bellatrixbts_13 Bellatrixbts_12 Bellatrixbts_10 Bellatrixbts_9 Bellatrixbts_8 Bellatrixbts_7 Bellatrixbts_5 Bellatrixbts_4 Bellatrixbts_2 Bellatrixbts_1

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan with a love/hate relationship for the villians in the stories. I love the gothic look that Bellatrix Lestrange rocks, and that inspired me when thinking of an awesome wiggle dress with a little something extra. Form fitting with a fishtail – the perfect dress to be(a)witch in!

Bellatrix_RedFront Bellatrix_RedBack Bellatrix_PinkFront Bellatrix_PinkBack Bellatrix_FloralFront Bellatrix_FloralBack Bellatrix_BlackFront Bellatrix_BlackBack

Bellatrix is a dress that I think will divide plus size women. The fitted aspect may worry some, but I think that the peplum hem, longer sleeves and v neckline will help balance it out. It is fully lined and the fabric isn’t too clingy or sweaty, but instead it will show you off.

Beautiful Debz from The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Wannabe Princess proves that anyone and everyone can rock tight dresses. Debz wears a size 32. This dress does what any other dress would do – it makes her look beautiful and doesn’t slim her down or bulk her up, it just shows her how she is.


You don’t need to be ‘brave’ or ‘confident’ to put a beautiful dress on your body, you just need two things – the body, and the dress.

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In these photos I am wearing a size 16. Size down if you are between sizes. I am 5’7 and have this corset on.

Photos by The Pinup Academy.
H&MU by October Divine.


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