I know that most of you are avid CurvyWordy readers, and so you will probably have seen her recent review of the Ewa Michalak Modelująca Halka Koronkowa Lace Petticoat Shapewear.

Ewa Michalak Modelująca Halka Koronkowa Lace Petticoat Shapewear 1846 06

Having seen and read Caroline’s thoughts on it, I was eager to try mine that had sat in my ‘review pile’ since Ewa Michalak had kindly sent it to me some weeks previous. I am decidedly less curvy than her and a HUGE shapewear fan, and I thought it might work a little better for me. I was sent mine in a 44 aka UK16.


I found the shapewear relatively easy to get into, but then I do live and breathe the stuff! Similar to Caroline I found that the gusset sat in an odd place initially, and it took some wriggling to get it flat against my crotch rather than a little further down my thighs. Once that was done and I was in I felt pretty good!


I teamed this with my Freya Deco – I am never sure whether you get a cleaner line with the bra under or over the shapewear! The straps are fully adjustable, and I really love WYOB (wear your own bra) pieces as it means there’s no roll down or extra bulging. I was pretty wary about wearing something that stopped mid thigh as most things cut in a ridiculous amount. However, this cut in very minimally whilst still maintaining the support all the way down.
I did find that the squeezed me in quite well, but it didn’t smooth my waist in very much, meaning I looked a little more up and down than I really am.


The lovely above photo should hopefully show the built in knickers and the compression of the piece. The crotch unpops to allow the wearer to use the loo!

As I said, the piece made me feel a little straight up and down, so I added a dress that you might recall from this blog post to see whether it translated through clothing.

Shapewear4 Shapewear5 Shapewear6

I hope that you can see that I have a lovely smooth silhouette for the most part, and so I will definitely consider wearing it under tighter dresses. It will be a life saver under shorter dresses as well.

I would say that it is true to size. The wonderful CurvyWordy helps feed my laziness, as her brilliant blog post explain about fit and sizing better than I ever can. Don’t size down thinking that that will give you more sucking in powers – stick to your general size!

I love that Ewa has branched out into shapewear, and I do think that this is a really excellently made first piece. It has that vintagey feel, and is something you wouldn’t feel ashamed to be seen in, unlike some of the shorts that I personally wear! What are your thoughts?

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