There’s no way to sugarcoat this – unless I am in the presence of people other than Robbie, I sleep butt naked. Even when forced to cover up I do so in an old t shirt and shorts, never anything more elaborate, supportive, or sexy. And so when readers ask me for my choice in sleep bra, I draw blanks as the boys roam free in the night.
However, when those lingerie making goddesses at Ewa Michalak (click the flag for the English version of the site) contacted me asking if I would like to try their new sleep bra ‘Nina’, I thought ‘why not?’, and after some discussions about my measurements, an 85HH (UK 38HH) bra found it’s way to me.

(The following is from the Ewa Michalak site)
“Unpadded top without underwires.

As a sleep top it disciplines the bust holding it at a right level and not letting it “spread” all over the body.
It might be used as a top to cover lingerie when wearing too deep or broad neckline ….. or to stabilise the breasts (clothed in any bra) during training sessions.

The front is made of two layers of stabile knitwear with corset like hooks and eyes in the center.
Elastic back is made of firm dotted mesh.
Decorated with contrasting stitching and Valenciennes lace in pink.
Straps are fully-adjustable and narrower than in bras of corresponding sizes.
Cute pink bows at the center back and on the straps.

Which size should you choose?
We suggest trying your usual bra size first. It might happen you would need to size down, however it is not a rule.

Note that the top is unpadded and has no wires so there’s no chance for it to separate the breasts or lay flat against your sternum.
It does not expose the bust, as it is not supposed to do so, it even flattens it a bit.”

image image_1

I was a little fearful of trying the bra, as gravity has not been kind to my boobs, and the thought of no wires or padding filled my heart with fear for my low swinging udders. However, as you can see, they are defyiiiiiing gravityyyyyyyyyyyyy!

image_2 image_3

I was given a great rounded shape by the bra, despite it being on the large side – a 34HH would probably have been the best fit, but as it’s for sleeping in, a 36H would no doubt have been the most comfortable.

image_4 image_8

The straps are really short and fully adjustable. The hook and eye fastening is at the front, and to me this is a perfect maternity and breastfeeding bra. It’s lovely and comfy, easy enough to whack a boob out if needed and the little details make it quite pretty.
I did sleep in it for a few nights and I found that my boobs ended up smushed together the moment I lay down, but bar that it was super comfortable. Sleeping on your front when you have large boobs can sometimes call for a lot of adjusting, but with this on I found it really easy to get into a nice position without having to move the twins around too much. Nothing dug in or felt restrictive, and the only downside was the afforementioned boob smush, which is to be expected.

image_5 image_6

I am not so converted that I will be wearing this when I sleep, but I will hang onto this as it makes a great bra to wear around the house and if staying over at a friends it will mean I can wear this rather than hold onto my boobs to stop them dragging along the floor.

Right now Ewa has several sizes available for sale, and she can make other sizes for you if they are not available now. I would go for your regular Ewa size in this – for me it’s a band and a cup up from my normal size, but it is different for everyone. Remember that the Polish currency Zlotys is known as ‘PLN’, and that should help if you need to Google to see things in your currency. By my estimate this bra costs around £21. Click here to buy it.

Do you wear a sleeping bra? Would you try one? Let me know!


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