I feel like I should carry on this year as I started it – with another unlikely outfit!

DSC_0239 (2)

Truth be told I would need a little more courage to rock this out and about beyond a trip down the road to take the photos, as although I like the outfit, baring my midriff and stomach isn’t something that makes me feel comfortable just yet. And that’s what clothing is about – if it makes you comfortable, wear it, if not, don’t!
I really rely on shapewear to make me feel comfortable in tighter clothes, and with jeans, full on high waisted shorts are obviously not a doable option. However, Taking Shape do sell some shapewear knickers that might be suitable under outfits like this.

DSC_0243 (2) DSC_0261

I do really like the top and jeans by themselves. I think I will probably try to pair crop tops with circle skirts for now, and skinny jeans with longer tops.

DSC_0264 DSC_0236 (2)

The jeans are a size 18, and they were a very very snug fit, as I think can be seen here. But I’m optimistic about my weight loss and so I stuck with them – but I would say size up in these, especially if you have a larger bum and larger thighs like I do.

DSC_0256 DSC_0246 (2)

These are described as ‘jeggings’ on the site, but I do personally find them closer to jeans. Yes they are thin and there is some stretch in them, but they aren’t quite jeggings to me.

DSC_0245 (2) DSC_0238 (2) DSC_0255

I think the rips on the knees are small and neat enough to make the jeans quite versatile. Yes, they suit a casual look really well, but I think that adding a fitted top and pair of heels to them would also make them suitable on a night out.

How do you like this look? Would you wear it or, like me, have to work your way up before you bare your VBO? (Visible belly outline)

To shop the jeans click here.
The crop top was found instore at H&M and doesn’t seem to exist online, but I found a gorgeous one on ASOS – to shop it click here.
To shop the trainers click here.
The sunglasses are from a market stall in Camden.


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