Recently myself, Callie Thorpe from ‘From The Corners Of The Curve’ and Danie Vanie from ‘Danielle Vanier’ were given an awesome opportunity with Evans. We were asked to pick some party and Christmas looks from plus size retailer Evans and then film a few videos on how and why we would dress them up or down for work or play. It was such a great day, and as the three of us get on so well with each other and the Evans crew it felt so fun and easy! Perfect hair and make up looks and great clothes – what could be better!?
Jokes were cracked and bloopers were made, but in the end something fabulous was produced that will hopefully be useful to so many ladies. Check out the final video here:

Below are a few behind the scenes and final shots from the day. If you love our looks then click here to shop them at Evans.

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Click here to view ‘party wear’ at Evans.


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