During my recent trip to Vollers I tried on a Passion underbust corset that I would describe as a ‘baby corset’, something that I have wanted to try for absolutely ages! It has four front fastenings and measures 9 inches in length.
I did worry that a corset like this would possibly cut into me a bit too much, but I needn’t have as it was really perfect on me! I cinched it in a little too much at the hips initially, but after loosening it a bit it fit perfectly and I really loved the shape it gave me.

Rather than show it off in my usual style, I thought that I would try something different for this post…


As I am getting married next year, what better excuse to show how I would style a corset with a wedding dress.

DSC_0005 DSC_0025

Mr FFFB and our amazing new camera are responsible for these photos, and despite feeling like a bit of a wally as I posed outside a Church in my get up, it was worth it for these stunning images.


The dress is a size 18 and from this eBay seller. It was a pretty snug fit across the boobs, and a little shorter than I was expecting but it did the job! The petticoat is from this seller and the shoes are from this seller.

DSC_0032 DSC_0034

I cut some semi circle out of the netting of the petticoat and used a few of my trusty hair flowers to attach them to my head like a mini veil. The ribbon at the top of the petticoat was the perfect addition to my shop bought roses that I had tied together with a teal scarf – and ta da, we have my look! I even managed a bouquet toss…

DSC_0038 DSC_0044 DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048

The corset is a size 32, and actually didn’t cinch me in too much. I wore a second white petticoat under the teal one, and due to the length of the dress they both needed to be rolled up a bit, and therefore the corset helped shed that bulk and pull me in a little – which was fine by me.


It felt really comfortable, and despite being ivory against a white dress, it looked really beautiful and it suited it perfectly.


Adding such a luxurious looking corset to a cheaper dress is one way to make it unique and to also cut down on the price of a wedding dress. A corset can be used again over or under an outfit and give that a completely different look, and so if you’re a bride with a budget it’s ideal.


Adding a splash of colour can be a great way to co ordinate with your bridesmaids and bride or groom to be, and I love how the teal and turquoise tones look in these photos. It is no doubt something that I will add to my own wedding dress, and I am really pleased by how it isn’t overbearing, despite how the pile of clothing looked before I got dressed.


So how do you like the corseted bridal look? Would you add your own Vollers Passion underbust corset to your bridal look? Let me know!

Once again – a massive thank you to my husband to be Robbie for these amazing images. It was his first time using the camera and I am beyond impressed by how naturally it clearly came to him!


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