I can’t remember when I first became aware of Kix’ies thigh highs, but I do recall that I suddenly saw that signature pinstripe hold up top everywhere – and I wanted to know more!

And so when the Kix’ies gang approached me and offered me the chance to try a pair I was over the moon!
Being that I am 5’7 and around a size 18, I went for the size D (as indicated by the size chart) and I eagerly awaited their arrival.

As soon as the postman delivered them I knew exactly what was inside the package, and I swiftly tore the package open and put them on! Annoyingly, despite my gentle handling of them, I was a little too rough and managed to put a small hole in one of them – these false nails are a gift and a curse! I found that they didn’t come up as high as I am used to, and I think I was determined to make them sit further up my legs. However, I soon realised that my reason for wanting high hold ups was that they would often dig in or fold, and the Kix’ies were not about to do any of that. The silicone top held firm and didn’t show any signs of going rogue.


I was worried that the subtle spot pattern would make my already sizeable legs seem enormous, but it was actually very subtle and looked great. The signature band was also something that I worried might look odd on me, but I loved the way it made my legs look.


I spent several hours in the hold ups as I pottered around my flat and did a bit of cleaning and sorting. They did not budge or chafe me at all! Amazing! I would say that they would definitely fit thighs that are larger than mine, but if you are larger and taller they may end up being over the knee stockings.


So all in all I adored my first experience of Kix’ies. I really hope to nab a few more pairs in a few different designs, and I can’t wait to watch their world domination continue!

At present, I do not know of any UK retailers bar maybe a few on eBay, but you can order Kix’ies direct from their website.

To shop the red underwear set seen in my photos click here.

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To shop the purple set aka the beautiful Charlotte by Parfait, click here.

To shop the suspender belt (worn purely for the photos and not as a necessity) click here.

What do you make of Kix’ies? Have you tried a pair or would you like to?


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