What do you know – I have yet another delicious Ewa Michalak set to show you!


This is the BM Aqua, a non padded bra that is pretty much identical to the BM Szarotka that I reviewed a few weeks ago.


Just like the BM Szarotka, this set is a 38HH/20, and just like with that set it was very generous – a 36HH would probably have fitted me perfectly.


I didn’t drop down into the bottom of the cups due to my very wide set breasts, and I really could have done with it being slightly higher under my arms. the shape that this non padded bra gives me is pretty rounded. It has a three part cup construction, which for me usually means Madonna boobs, but somehow this doesn’t adhere to those rules.


I have a padded version of this bra already – the S Wodzianka, and so I was already enamoured with the design. It looks like it should be a textured bra, but it’s actually a printed on pattern. The lovely minty green gently embroidered lace upper section was perfect against my tanned skin this summer, and the roomy briefs are some of my favourites.

If you do fancy buying this set then remember to check out Bratabase for great bra comparisons if you are unsure about your size in Ewa – although for me the calculator is pretty much bang on.

Ewa do not wholesale, but they do deliver to many countries. The currency is ‘PLN’ and so, for example, to find out the currency in pounds I would Google ‘x PLN in GPB’. The bras takes 2-4 weeks to arrive – it all depends on whether you’ve had to ask for a custom bra to be made.

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