If you’ve visited the Debenhams flagship store recently then you might have spotted some rather cool kitsch mannequins and props…

debred debpink deborange debgreen debblue

I was recently offered the change to create my own look on a mannequin – a green mannequin! And so one morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed I was let loose in Debenhams to have a rummage for something to dress my mannequin – and of course, it has to be something I would wear. Enter Ben De Lisi…

IMG_3010 IMG_3017

The Ben De Lisi range at Debenhams is available in sizes 8-20, and it’s so elegant and chic. My beautiful fellow blogging friend CurvyWordy has often raved about their coats, and as soon as I tried the green one on I knew why!

IMG_3000 IMG_2982

The coat I tried was a size 20, and it was a lovely fit, despite being quite roomy. However, this is a winter coat, and so roomy is perfect for getting those layers in, but it’s great to see how the belt makes it work without layers as well.

IMG_2993 IMG_3004

I chose to team the belt with a size 20 dress from the range. An 18 would have fit as well, but I think my boobs might have been a little squashed as the fabric has zero stretch. It’s quite roomy in the waist, but… do I even need to say it?! It comes with a beautiful belt!

IMG_3003 IMG_2971

I really like how elegant and classy the outfit is. It’s still got something of a retro flavour, and it’s really sophisticated.

IMG_2975 IMG_2963

And as for my mannequin? Here she is…

debman2 debman1

Click here to buy the green coat.
Click here to buy the dress.
Click here for the pink coat – I fell hard in love with it, despite my aversion to pink!

How do you like my mannequin? Which colour mannequin would you love to style and how?


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