Plus size bodycon dresses used to be rarer than Unicorn thumbs, but thankfully these days us larger ladies not only have plenty of options, we have them in a range of prices.

FD Avenue are the brand on many plus size babe’s lips right now. Their gorgeous bodycon midi dresses had many of my fellow bloggers squealing with delight, and I of course had to see what all the fuss was about.
Naturally, the first dress that caught my eyes was this gorgeous turquoise creation. I had heard some bloggers say that the dresses came up small, and so I went for a size 20 (which later got changed to the dual sizing of 20-22).


I am glad that I went for the larger size, as the dress fitted like a wetsuit – quite literally, it’s made out of a scuba like fabric.


And so I went for the same size in the black and white counterparts, thinking that they would also come up tight.

However, the sizing system seems to have changed since my initial order, as many of my readers who bought the turquoise dress since it remarked how it was true to size, and the black and white dresses fitted slightly differently.

fd4 fd2

The white dress is made out of a similar scuba fabric, but the black version is cut from a slightly rougher scuba like material.

fd3 fd1

Despite the sizing being bang on in these styles meaning that these dresses were a few sizes too big, both dresses fitted me well, and the slightly roomier fit will be a blessing on those night when I’m not up for a skin tight fit.

I have worn the turquoise version on a night out and I felt awesome in it. My only gripes about it and the other dresses are the straps – they border on being pointlessly thin and they are also very wide on the dress. I can get away with my strapless bra (review coming soon!!!) in the turquoise one as it fits so snugly, but with the others it’s a bit of a mess of straps, and I think a bolero cover up might be the only option until I buy some other straps. The slit at the back of the dresses is very very high, and my trusty Maidenform shorts are pretty much on display. I sewed up my turquoise dress, and I will be doing the same with the other two. My final point isn’t really a gripe, just more of an observation should you want to party all night long in one of these dresses. Scuba fabric is rather sweaty, and if you do buy one of these dresses do not wear it out on a hot summer’s night like I decided to – the bolero, the shapewear, the dress… it wasn’t my greatest plan!

So what do you thing of these FD Avenue bodycon midi dresses? Will you also be seeing what all the fuss is about?


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