Sorry for the short silence on the blog, I’m not long back from my holiday! I visited Amsterdam and gorgeous sunny Valencia – Robbie promised me a beach holiday and surprised me with the location just before we flew there! With temperatures of 35 degrees, this sun loving girl was a very happy bunny, especially as we were staying a mere twenty minutes walk away from the beach!

When it comes to beach chic I opt for comfort, something that dries quickly when a wet bikini is under it and can be shoved into a bag as I frolic like a walrus in the sea. Luckily, FD Avenue had just the items!

IMG_2929 IMG_2932

FD Avenue sell items at wonderful prices, and their plus size section boasts an abundance of gorgeous outfits. It would be great to see every item they stock in every size they offer, but their current offerings are rather fab. I do have some of their delicious bodycon dresses that you may have seen on my social streams, soon to be on here as well. But for the beach, comfortable stretchy maxi dresses were all I wanted.

IMG_2930 IMG_2933

The emerald green maxi dress is one of those dreaded ‘one size fits all’ jobbies, and I nearly fell over when I saw the size of it before I put it on me. However, it does stretch rather a lot, and although it’s slightly too small on the tatas, it does the job as a beach dress.

The racer back mocha dress in a size 20/22 (click here for the black version) really surprised me. Yes, both dresses cling to my lumps and bumps, but I really didn’t expect the mocha dress to also show me off in a rather flattering way. It’s super soft and stretchy, and the perfect length on my 5’7 frame.

IMG_2931 IMG_2934

I know that the summer is nearly over in the UK, but for those of you in other parts of the world or planning getaways to sunnier spots – these dresses are brilliant! They take up minimal room, they don’t show creases, they are perfect holiday wear and the prices are awesome!

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