Some weeks ago I saw a tweet by the wonderful Penny Fordham of Lillies and Love asking for bloggers who wanted to be involved in her #bodyUNashamed project.

Everywhere I look these days there seems to be public slating of others’ appearances. Open the newspapers or magazines on any given day and you will see negative comments on the bodies of celebrities, log on to social media and you’ll see people making derogatory remarks or bullying others because they don’t fit in to the idea of “perfection” that we have drummed in to us on a daily basis.

And I’ve had enough.

While I’m under no illusions that this little project might change the way of the world, I do hope that by being part of this you will begin to look at yourself in a more positive way and that this mindset may well rub off on others you speak with. If we can do even a little something and stop a handful of people feeling like they’re not good enough, then we have won.

I of course said yes, and a few days later Penny emailed me with the name of a blogger who I was to follow, and my post today is about that blogger – specifically, it’s about three things that I find beautiful about her.

Little Miss Maxi

1. Her Brutal Honesty And Strength
Little Miss Maxi writes two blogs. In her second blog Actually Dolly and on her twitter, she has written about her struggle with depression. It’s something that has plagued her for many years and still rears it’s ugly head even now. It’s quite a taboo subject for many, and there are still some people who are doubtful of it’s existence. And so by writing about it and detailing the impact it has on her and her life, Maxi is doing something awesome. She is helping others who may feel the same way or who may be at a loss to understand what that dark cloud and pit must feel like. And hopefully, she is slowly helping herself.

2. Her Face
This girl has got a good face! It’s a beautiful heart shaped baby face with cheeks that look like they could dimple. She has gorgeous aqua eyes and lovely lips – to me she is stunning.

3. Her Hair
It’s so cliche but so true – she has got beautiful hair that she seems to style effortlessly. It’s a lush honey colour and it really brings out the colour of her eyes.

The second part of the #bodyUNashamed task was to write three things I like about myself. To be brutally honest – I don’t struggle to find three things, but I do struggle with the idea of telling the world. Lest we forget Samantha Brick and how she was treated when she spoke about how beautiful she found herself to be. There is such a fine line between people appreciating that you don’t think you’re a total troll with a dull personality, and people calling your out as being self absorbed and egotistical. It also seems to be the done thing to deflect compliments, as thought accepting words of praise is somehow abhorrent. I myself am all too quick to bat away a compliment – which is me effectively dismissing what someone has just said to me – extreme though it is, it’s as if I have called them a liar. By not accepting some good old fashioned kind sweet words, I am telling that person that I don’t deem what they are saying to be true. Something to think about eh.

Here are my three things that I like about myself:

1. My Empathy

My ability to cry over everything is pretty extraordinary. It should be a superpower – the world’s most useless one to be fair. I cannot help but feel for people in every situation. My heart hurts when I see old people struggling to move about, I get stupidly upset at films and friend’s personal woes really stick with me. I do think that this is quite a nice trait to have as it has made me a good listener for those who have needed it. I’d quite like to cry less though…

2. My Nose
What can I say? I have a small nose and I like it!

3. My Hair
If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my rants about my hair. It’s thick and stubbornly straight. And a lot of the time it angers me. It breaks brushes, it takes three packs of hair dye to get the colour vibrant once again and it takes a few hours to dry it naturally. But it is resilient. It’s strong. I never ever need to straighten it unless I want it super straight and it grows really quickly.

I’d love it if you, yes YOU there, reading this post, could take the time to comment on here with three things you love about yourself. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy, just come out with them. three good things, nothing bad. And if you feel brave enough to post anything on social media, use the hashtag #bodyUNashamed.

And going forwards? The instructions I got from Penny should be no hardship for me:

Take forward the #bodyUNashamed message into your future. For example, if you’re on social media and see somebody feeling down about their appearance, tell them something about themselves that you think is wonderful. Or, if you see somebody in the street whose hair looks great or is wearing a nice outfit – tell them! They’ll probably be taken aback a bit as it’s not often that people compliment each other in this day and age, but it will make their day! Also if you’re uploading an outfit photo online, use the #bodyUNashamed hashtag to show that you love your body and won’t be made to feel anything other than wonderful about yourself.

Making a stand to the media. If you see an article online slating somebody for their appearance – too fat, too thin, too tanned, too pale, too muscly, not toned enough, bad hair, too much make-up or too fresh faced – why not retweet it or reply saying that you’re #bodyUNashamed and people should be proud of their natural selves. The media should not be encouraging this bullying nature the world appears to have taken on.


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