When Shawna from the delightfully named Chubby Cartwheels contacted me asking if I’d like to review an item from her range, I immediately went for something I’d been curious about trying for ages – this stretch cotton bodysuit.


I’ve seen other bloggers rock bodysuits in various different ways, and I had something in mind for mine – I wanted to solve the annoying problem that is – tops that rolls up underneath skirt.


There’s nothing worse that a top trying to expose your midriff and uncomfortably rolling up as you’re trying to act like the perfect lady in your swishy skirt.


The 2XL bodysuit is a wonderful length on my long, busty body. It shows just enough cleavage and SLEEVES – yesssssss! The fabric is lovely and soft and stretchy, but it didn’t go too thin across my boobs or bum.


I really like it with the skirt, and it certainly does what I want to do in terms of providing an excellent pairing with my skirt. This will also look really good with a pair of skinny jeans or maybe some high waisted shorts.

And should this wind blow in this get up…


I’m quite literally covered!

The only flaw with a body suit will be the joy of needing the loo. Luckily it’s really easy to get in and out of, and as it makes me look like a downgraded version of Beyoncé when wearing it on it’s own, I can live with that.

Do you like the Chubby Cartwheels bodysuit? What would you wear with it?

If, like me, you like the look of the skirt that I have on in a size 18 then click here to buy it.
I also love this similar skirt.
These shoes will help complete the look.

*does the Single Ladies dance*