The other day I posted the following image on my various social streams, with the promise of a post very soon:


It was met with a very mixed reaction! Most people seemed to love it, but a few were very shocked! Gone was the usual figure hugging belt adoring red lipped George, and in her place was a decidedly edgier grungier version.


I definitely have a ‘look’ and a way of presenting myself in photos. I’m not like most other fashion bloggers, I don’t really do ‘trends’ or street style photos. But you know what? There’s no harm in trying something new!


This outfit from Boohoo plus size seemed like the perfect mix of what I like and what I’d like to try.


A size 18 fitted white skirt – fitted I do, white I do not! A size 18 looser top with thin sleeves and some chunky platform boots. Perfect.


I didn’t add a trusty belt. I tried not to get in on too much hand on hip action – but old habits die hard! I wore black lippie (ok, it was pencil eye liner!) and I didn’t ‘flatter’ my shape or size.


I have to say that I really liked how I felt in the outfit. I would probably not wear it as seen in these photos in real life. I might tuck the top in and add a belt and some different shoes. But it’s nice to be able to change things up and show how other looks work on my body. My blog has never been a ‘here is what I wore today’ blog, it’s more of a ‘here are some clothes, this is the size and this is how they look’ – and this outfit really ticks that box.


The skirt was a really good fit on me. It’s not made out of the most luxurious material in the world, but it works! Being a 5’7 knee hater, I do wish it was a bit longer and more tapered. It’s also slightly see through – beige Maidenform shorts were a necessity!


The top is wonderful and light. I teamed it with the soon to be released Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra. The bra doesn’t hold the girls up as high as a regular bra does, but thanks to how floaty the top is, it’s not really noticeable.

What do you think of this different look? Please do remember to be respectful! I am welcoming feedback and I know that will include negative comments, but personal attacks are no fun!


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