This post will be a bit of a whizz through my latest swing dresses, as a few of them have been featured on here before, and those of you that follow my social feeds may have seen me rave about all of them recently!

I recently received three stunning swing dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing, all in size 2XL as indicated for me by the size chart, and all bang on for my 5’7, UK18, 36H, 48-34-50 proportions. That size chart is the one to go on if the sizing system baffles you, and they also tell you the sizes that the models on the site wear.

The first one was the harlequin print Jenny, a dress that I have wanted to try for ages but I have been worried that it wouldn’t fit my bust.


I needn’t have fretted – she fit me perfectly!


The boning in the bust does make it a tad restrictive, but it fits me well and feels great. The adjustable straps are great and the length is excellent on me.


The colours are just as vivid in real life, and the fabric is lovely and thick. It’s a perfect dress for a cooler day, and it will be easy to dress up or down.

Next up – an old favourite in a new print. The spidey Heidi.


It does come with a belt, but the style doesn’t stay closed easily, and so I will be adding my own.


The print is rather seasonal, but I have no qualms layering up or down and wearing it all year round. The Heidi is just such a perfect bust friendly dress, although I do wish the sleeves were slightly longer – that’s just my personal taste.


This fabric is thick and doesn’t crease easily. The black and white fabric will go with any number of colours, and it really pops.

Last up was another old favourite, in a lighter colourway – the Birdie in lavender.


It comes with a stunning belt that helps to cinch in, but due to fabulous the colours in the dress, any number of belts and accessories could be added.


The length is quite long on me, but it’s beautifully flattering.


My chunky arms and sleeves are often no bueno, but somehow Birdie fits me amazingly. It is tight over my upper arms, but it still works.

Due to the free and easy fit of the dresses, no shapewear is necessarily required. Instead, these anti-chafing knickers from The Big Bloomers Company are great to stop chub rub and preserve my modesty should a beastly gust of wind blow.

Swing dresses are my favourite due to their figure flattering style. I believe they look good on every age and shape and height, you just need to find the right one! Are you a fan of swing dresses?


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