I recently found ‘The One’. When they first entered my life I didn’t think they were much of a looker, and I shallowly judged them on that. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely appealing, but I never expected to fall for them quite so hard. We then started to spend all of our time together because they make me feel amazing, so comfortable and happy with myself. And whilst on holiday recently I woke up everyday and chose them as the one that I would spend my day with. I go on and on about them to my friends and I fear the day that they are no longer able to offer me the support I need. Here is a photo of my love and I…


The S Szafirek from Ewa Michalak, size 38HH/20.


I just canNOT get enough of this set. It is so comfortable, it gives me a great shape and it goes perfectly under 99% of my outfits.


The straps are fully adjustable and there are three hooks and eyes on the band. As shown in my very first photo it comes with removable pads which can help correct asymmetry or just give you a bit of a boost. The four part cups are lightly padded and magical.


The colour seems to go under everything! It’s a gorgeous deep blue with a subtle floral detail and a bejeweled central gore, and now that I’m acquiring a little bit of a tan it’s even more perfect with my skin tone.


The thong is oh so comfy, with a perfect amount of stretch and softness to accommodate my fleshy hips. The nice wide band at the side stops it from cutting into my love handles or feeling too skimpy.

Sadly, there seem to be very few ready made Szafireks left on the Ewa Michalak site right now, but you can contact Ewa for a custom made bra. She will need you to take a few measurements to find your perfect fit, as Ewa bras come up differently size wise compared to a lot of brands – for reference I am generally a 36H, but in Ewa I need a 38HH.

Remember to use Google to covert the prices into your own currency. Ewa Michalak is a Polish site and the currency shorthand is ‘PLN’ – Polish Zlotys.

What do you think of this bra? Which bra is your favourite?

For more information on the hold ups I have on check out my review here.


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