The Curvy Kate Carmen Rose has been a long awaited set. As soon as the above image of the Curvy Kate model Lotte Williams was released, everyone started to fawn over the image – and with good reason! The Carmen comes in sizes 28 – 38 D – J – a hot pink longline bra in larger cups, gimme! I have tried a couple of longlines in the past with pretty dire results, and so I was curios to see how Carmen would suit me.

As it happens, I had a shoot with My Boudoir scheduled, and so Carmen Rose would surely be a perfect woman to accompany me to the shoot. Being a longline and given that they can fit slightly differently, the wonderful Hannah at Curvy Kate allowed me to try the bra in several sizes – 36GG as it was said to be slightly generous in the cups, 36H my usual size, and 38GG in case the band was rather firm. As it turns out, 36H fit me pretty perfectly bar the band rolling up a little, and so 38GG was the size I went for as I wanted it to look picture perfect.

As soon as it arrived with the matching size 20 knickers and suspender belt I popped a photo on Instagram and Facebook (with my crack safely hidden because the internet can be a dark and loathsome place for butt crevices) and the reaction I got was overwhelming…


Everyone went wild for Carmen! Most people just could not wait for my review and I certainly couldn’t wait to wear the set at my forthcoming shoot!


I found that a longline and a pretty chubby torso is an odd pairing. As much as I love and yearn for all the hooks and eyes in the world, my wobbly underbust is a little incompatible with the length of the bra. I found that the 38GG rolled up ever so slightly before sitting happy at half mast, as you will see in my photos – but that suited me just fine in terms of comfort and appearance. It’s not a design flaw from Curvy Kate as this was the case with the other longlines I tried, it’s just a body shape fact!


Nevertheless, Carmen was pretty wonderful on me. I’m not a huge fan of pink clothes or undies, but Carmen charmed me. It may have been the gorgeous lime green detailing or the pale pink cups, but whatever it was I’m impressed, you charmer Carmen!


The cups of the bra were nice and deep and wide, perfect for my boobies! For more opinions on the fit of the cups check out Bratabase.


My only teeny gripe with the bra would be the strap width. I appreciate that the aesthetic of the bra would totally change if some thick old straps were added, however, if I had to change one thing it would be the width of them.


I absolutely loved the suspender belt. It has boning inside it which helped keep the shape of it and meant that it didn’t roll up. I wish it had a few more straps on it as my stockings from The Big Tights Company struggled to remain on my legs, however, with some more independent hosiery (maybe some hold ups) the look would work on a more practical level.


The knickers were also a size 20, and the fit was spot on and great on my generous booty.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps from my shoot with My Boudoir, as well as the final photo. The hair and make up by Sarah Elliott.

Carmen 514

I hope you’ll agree that Carmen and I made an amazing pair at the shoot, and I can’t wait to wear her on another shoot, or maybe ever rock her as outerwear come the summer… I’ll keep you posted!

If you fancy snapping up a Carmen set here are just a few sites that I located her on on Google:

Mio Destino.

What do you think of Carmen? Will you be investing?


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