Spring is approaching fast! And so when I was offered the chance to review a piece from New Look Inspire recently, I had to pick this bargainous and cute New Look Inspire daisy print wrap dress.


As the dress was listed as being ‘100% polyester’ I thought that it might have a little stretch to it, and so I went for an 18. Alas, I was wrong with regards to the stretch – however, happily the dress was still a good fit on me.


As expected, the dress was pretty short on my 5’7 frame. However, this is fine by me and a pair of tights or leggings will soon rectify the feeling that my legs are way too exposed. The arms were a good fit, not too tight or restrictive. I probably will conceal my arms with a cardi when I wear this out. The neckline was rather plunging, and in certain situations this amount of cleavage will be ok, but other times it will call for a cami. I was actually really impressed at how well the boob area fit me. It is elasticated under the bust and there is a sash to help cinch it in even more. This will never be enough for me, and a belt WILL be added, despite it looking rather good with the sash.


I love the tiny daisy print. It looks a little like polka dots from afar, and it’ll be perfect for the Spring.

I teamed this dress with a Freya Deco and some ASOS heels for these photos.

What do you think of New Look Inspire? Are you tempted by any pieces?
For me my main gripe about Inspire is the lack of models. This dress looked ok online, but it didn’t jump out at me – I’m just a sucker for ditsy cute prints. I know that people moan that plus size models are not big enough, but I would take any model over a ghost modelling the dresses. What do you think?


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