Given my preference for padded and moulded bras, it’s unsurprising that I have yet to take the plunge into the unpadded world of Ewa Michalak.

Until now, that is.

Enter the SM Wróżka, size 90H/40H.


This bra feels rather like French knickers (not going to lie, I wrote ‘knockers’ by mistake…) in that it is made out of a sheerish thick lacy material. As the photo on the Ewa Michalak website demonstrates, the bra is quite see through. However, at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that the bra is padded or moulded:


The shape is incredible, the uplift is beautiful and I was actually in awe at how this bra made me feel. I think that the secret is the four part cup construction, which lends itself to creating a more spherical breast shape. The wires are nice and wide which is really great for me and my broad bazooms.


The full adjustable straps are joined to the cups with a slightly wider piece of fabric that tapers into the straps. This adds to the overall lovely look of the bra, and it also helps to take the weight of the bust. The band has three hooks and eyes – perfect and sturdy!


As you can see, the bra is done up on the tightest hook. I actually found this band to be a little more stretchy that other Ewa bras, but I think that my usual 38HH would still suffice.

Just for reference, here are my usual sizes in other brands.
Freya – 34HH
Elomi – 36H
Curvy Kate – 36H
Panache – 36H

I have found that the Ewa bras tend to fit around two cups and one band smaller than my usual bras, but as with clothes in general there are no hard and fast rules. Your best bet is to check out their sizing guide and Bratabase.
Do remember that Ewa ship to many destinations, and their currency is Polish Zloty, short term PLN. This should help you convert their prices on Google.

What are your thoughts following my latest posts and the Ewa Michalak brand?


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