Ewa Michalak burst onto the scene a few years ago and completely changed things for so many women. They make a huge range of bras in a massive range of sizes. The bras are sturdy, colourful and extremely well made, and they are definitely my go to when I need something padded and sturdy. I myself have reviewed a few in the past but if you want to visit the holy grail of Ewa bra reviews then CurvyWordy is your woman, and her knowledge and in depth review of the bras is like no other!

I was recently offered the chance to try a few more bras from Ewa, and the first will be the S Tęczowe Kfiaty.


I sent the Ewa Michalak team the measurements as described on their size calculator and they sent me some bras that they felt would fit me the best – 90H/40H with matching briefs in a UK18.

The style of the bra is probably described as a ‘high plunge’ style. It has worked under lower cut tops for me and it gives me a great amount of coverage.


(Sorry for the badly photoshopped bum crack removal, the knickers are rather sheer!)


The bra cups are made out of a four part construction that really help give a rounded shape. They come with removeable pads that can help correct aysymmetry. I am wearing the bra with the pads in the photos, and I threatetend to spill over a tiny bit after a few hours of moving about and wearing it. However, once I removed the pads the cups fit me perfectly.


The bra straps are nice and wide and they are half adjustable and the band comes with four sets of three hooks and eyes. There is lace detailing around the edge of the cups and underneath them, and it looks gorgeous and doesn’t provide any irritation at all.


The pattern is just amazing. Yes it’s not a delicate subtle floral, but I am not a delicate subtle girl! And it is so amazing to be able to get something so different in a size that fits me and my bangers! I also loved the bow details on the bra and briefs.


The cups fit me really well. I would love them to be a tiny bit higher at the sides, but I could easily run the risk of being poked under the arms with it. I do not like my bra bands to be the firmest ever, however, I felt like this bra could have been a little tighter. I have got on rather well with 38HH Ewa bras in the past, and I think that a 38HH would be the ideal size for me in this bra, which shows great sizing continuity.


The matching pants were an amazing fit. I love that they are completely sheer at the back, adding a sexy twist to a brazen floral print.

This bra makes me wonder why I left Ewa alone for so long. I think there often is a bit of hesitation when it comes from ordering overseas from a fairly unknown brand, but I really do urge more women to take the plunge. If you would like a little help with bras and bra sizing then check out Bratabase – it’s literally a database of bras where you can establish the best fit for you based on other ladies measurements, get involved in forum discussions and even sell and buy bras.

What do you think of Ewa Michalak? Have you heard of the brand before? Have you bought anything or been tempted to buy? Let me know!


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