I’m really into skater dresses and cutesie layers right now.


I’ve never been a great fab of dresses that sit above the knees, but with my wonderful tights from The Big Tights Company on I feel a lot less self conscious about my legs.


The skater dress is from Pink Clove. It’s from a few seasons back, but they have many other skater dresses currently in stock at amazing prices!


My skater dress is a size 18. It is pretty large on the waist, but perfect across the boobs. It does go a little ‘silvery’ due to being stretched by my ample bosom, and so a 16 would be better on the waist, but way too tight over the boobs. It’s made of a thick stretchy material that washes well and doesn’t need ironing.


I always add my own belts to this dress – as you can see through my cardigan. The cardi is from Pieces Of The Past. It’s a size 18 and pretty snug, meaning that I can’t do it up comfortably over my boobs, but I rather like the half buttoned look. It’s made of a lovely thick fabric that doesn’t crease easily and has kept me very warm as of late.
Pieces Of The Past stock many wonderful items at bargainous prices, and they are really worth checking out!


As I mentioned in a previous post, my camera is new and I am still figuring out the settings! I thought I had is sussed for these photos, but it’s still failing me somewhat! Hopefully you can still make out how my outfit looks and fits.


What has been your go-to look as of late? Are you also favouring skater dresses right now?


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