I have blogged about tights numerous times, regaling the horror that comes with being plus size, large arsed and slightly taller than average. The fear when you’ve got one pair of tights left and they won’t seem to go higher than your knees. The tears when your thumbs poke holes in visible places because your tights just aren’t up to the job. The discomfort of spending all day hitching up a pair of struggling hosiery because there just wasn’t room for thunder thighs and lardy bum to live together in peace and harmony. It’s a nightmare that haunts so many of us – but I hope to have found the solution!

The Big Tights Company are a brand that I became aware of recently when I reviewed some plus size stockings and hold ups. I have also worn and loved several pairs of their tights as seen here, and I adore the quality and sizing of every product that I have tried. Their hold ups actually stay up and don’t chaff, their seamed stocking are perfect for the plus size pin up who struggles to find anything that fits from other retailers, and their tights are just wonderful. The length is spot on, they are soft to touch and I’ve yet to poke a false nail through them.

Here are some of the newer products that I was lucky enough to try. I paired them with some white knickers to help show opacity, and some old ASOS heels that I can barely walk in in order to help my stumpy legs look a little longer! Please enjoy the various positions and poses I got myself in to try to show you the awesome stretchiness of the tights!


Florence Lady Boot Tights


Florence Lady Boot Tights

These CRAZY CHEAP diamond patterned boots tights are not something you see every day! A fun bold pattern for bigger ladies, and an opaque lower section to help keep your boots from rubbing holes in them.

These are a size UK20-26 and as you can see they fit me and then some! They aren’t the thickest of tights, but they are strong and they pull on and up very easily.


Paris Lady 50 denier Microfiber Tights


Paris Lady 50 denier Microfiber Tights


Paris Lady 50 denier Microfiber Tights


Paris Lady 50 denier Microfiber Tights

These UK34-36 Paris lady 50 denier microfiber tights come in a traditional black, and a rather fun purple or pink. Once again there is room to spare in these tights. I am around a UK18 and they fit me perfectly! As you can see I somehow managed to put the blue ones on back to front and I didn’t quite realise until I saw the photos – fyi they are comfy either way!

It’s so rare to find tights that promise to accommodate larger women and actually deliver, and the Paris Lady tights manage to tick that box. I was sent this larger size so that I could see with my own eyes just how easily they could accommodate a larger or taller person, as well as fitting to a smaller plus size frame like mine.
I am not one for coloured tights, but these purple ones really shocked me. Even Robbie, who is quick to let me know if something isn’t working was quite impressed with how they looked. They would be fun with a pair of dark shorts and some boots, or maybe even a contrasting coloured dress.


All Woman 60 denier opaques


All Woman 60 denier opaques

These UK22-32 All Woman 60 denier opaques promise to fit hips of up to 60 inches, and I can believe that. The tights are made from a new ‘all dancing all singing’ Lycra thread, and the stretchiness means no panel is needed in the knicker part of the tights to increase the size.

I would say they are very similar to the Paris tights with maybe a little more sheen to them, and they are not quite as soft.

I have worn and washed a few of these tights several times and they have risen to the challenge spectacularly. They really are of a high quality and I think I will cry when I do something silly and manage the impossible feat of making a hole in a pair of them.

With all of these tights I LOVE how high they come up! I hate the idea of tights cutting in or falling down, and tights of this height will either get tucked up under my bra or worn with knickers over the top to stop them from rolling down.

What do you think of these tights and the other products on The Big Tights Company website? Are you happy to see a company promising and delivering on items in such a broad and often untapped range of sizes? What do you think of the fun patterns and colours? Will the high quality of the items persuade you to give them a try? Let me know!


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