I’m a sucker for patterns – especially gorgeous floral looks. I think all those years of believing that black shapeless tents were my only option and then finally seeing the light have meant that an explosion of colours and prints was the only way to heal the shapeless wound.

And so when Lovedrobe offered me the chance to pick an item as a Christmas dress, I instantly for the one that was listed as being retro inspired and floral.


This Lovedrobe black lace floral dress in a size 20.

I have found that previous Lovedrobe items have come up rather tight in the bust, hence me going for a 20 over an 18. As it turns out this was spot on.

The dress was a little shorter than I am happy with, and so I paired it with my ever loved XL Maidenform leggings that not only stay where they are supposed too and sit on my waist, they also suck my gut in. I also have a Freya Deco bra on, and the shoes are super old New Look wedges. The neckline is fab – it would be great anywhere bar the office. And it’s so versatile. In the summer this will look fab with some sandals and sunnies, on nights out some killer heels and a sparkly clutch and on more casual days some boots and a jacket.

The dress comes with a sash that I pulled closed behind me. And whilst I appreciated the nipping in, it was not quite enough for me and my waist. And so I added… a belt! A trusty eBay find:


It’s amazing how the belt changes the outfit – who knew I liked belts?! It helps break up the pattern, give me a waist and it adds a slightly edgier look to the dress.


The only thing that puts me off about the dress is the sheer back. There’s no way that I could go braless, and I doubt that many women who wear this will either. And whilst I am happy for my bra to show, this is not one of those looks that gets away with exposing underwear. To me it would be classier with no bra there. Happily, I probably won’t ever wear this without a cardigan as I loathe my arms being on show, and so the back won’t really be seen, but I wonder how those who are happy to go cardigan-less will find it.

What do you think of this dress and the current Lovedrobe selection? Is this a dress you would love to get your hands on? Let me know!


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