And so another year draws to a close – and what a year it has been! I apologise but this post will be terribly self indulgent, boastful, egotistical, conceited and jam packed full of…photos of me – forgive me. But it has been quite a year for me and I just want to reflect on that and say some thank yous.

The beginning of the year saw myself and four other lucky bloggers partake in a fabulous campaign with Evans and Clements Ribeiro. We had some great photos taken, some amazing press and it really helped show Evans customers how pieces look on women who will wear and style them to their own liking.

I holidayed in Vietnam where my taste for loud floaty dresses had the locals stunned and baffled. I tried some delicious food, learnt about their culture and even managed to memorise a few phrases and words!

I was given the absolute privilege of modelling for two of my favourite vintage/pin up brands – Lady V London and Collectif.

I got signed to UGLY Models and was lucky enough to have an amazing shoot with Matilda Temperley and I became a playing card!

I had photo shoots with My Boudoir, HMS Vintage and Andrew Wood Photography and the results of each session blew me away.

I was once again asked to model in Velvet d’Amour’s amazing ‘Volup2’ magazine, and as ever she went above and beyond with the images of myself and everyone else.

I wrote several articles for Best magazine about issues and topics that are close to my heart.

I walked, no, I STRUTTED down Oxford Street in a curvy Kate babydoll as part of a Debenhams marketing campaign.

I won ‘Best Lingerie Blogger Of The Year’ and ‘Best Plus Size Blogger Of The Year’.

I was flown to Milan by high end plus size brand Marina Rinaldi along with eleven other bloggers to partake in a marketing campaign. We were photographed, filmed, interviewed and had the most amazing surreal time. I was so inspired and in awe of the women around me, and I learnt such a lot about myself from the trip.

I’ve had some amazing press coverage in national and international publications and happily I wasn’t misquoted in too many of them (I’m looking at YOU Daily Mail…)

It has been quite a year, and I could not have done it with you guys – the ones reading my blog, commenting, the ones who follow my social streams and comment and interact with me, the ones who indulge in my silly statuses and up and down days. I started this blog to try to share my bra and clothing choices with those who might stumble across my blog and I could not have predicted or expected things to go the way they have gone. I have been so incredibly lucky to meet some amazing fellow bloggers and have had their support, as well as the support of my friends and my amazing boyfriend. I think everyone I know in real life is sick of my boob and bra and selfie obsession and I do apologise – the blog created a monster! But really, without those around me I wouldn’t have had these opportunities and so thank you thank you thank you to every single person reading this and every other post. 2013 has been pretty much perfect.

Here’s to 2014. If it can beat 2013 then I’ll be amazed, and I am so excited for what’s coming next.

I hope you have all had your share of wonderful moments this year and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. See you in 2014!

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