Pink Clove are a fabulous well priced new brand that plus size bloggers are raving about! CurvyWordy, The Wardrobe Challenge, Pamper and Curves and Danielle Vanier to name but a few.


When I was recently offered the chance to review an item from the new range I decided to stray a little out of my comfort zone and give an item a try that I have always been interested in – I went for the aubergine wide leg jumpsuit in a size 18.


As the jumpsuit was made of rather thin unforgiving fabric and featured a plunging neckline I decided to team it with my trusty Freye Deco bra, Maidenform shorts and Primark high heels.


The jumpsuit is as gorgeous and purpley in real life as it is in the photos. It is made out of a very soft material which feels fabulous – but it does cling to every lump and bump! To get this on over my bottom was very very easy, which was something I did worry about, and there is a sash around the waist to help cinch me in. The lace detail at the shoulders is very pretty, and although my bra is visible, I don’t feel it looks too obvious. Sadly, the length of the jumpsuit is a little incompatible with my long torso and short legs. I did feel that I was slightly, ahem, camel toed! The length works with well heels, but it would probably look a little too long with flat shoes.

There was one thing I wanted to do to the jumpsuit to ‘George’ it up a little, and I think you all know what’s coming…


Tada! An eBay belt to the rescue!


As you can see the belt has made a very dramatic difference to the jumpsuit. It’s helped break up the block of colour and cinch my waist in. The outfit isn’t really my style at all, and this helps take it into my comfort zone a little more.

Ideally, the neckline on this jumpsuit would be a little higher as you can see my bra. However, as my way into the jumpsuit is through the neckline, it probably can’t be made any smaller. And so I may use a cheeky little safety pin to sort that out.

To be honest, I am not sure whether this is something I will be wearing any time soon. For my personal style I would like the legs on this to be a little more fitted and maybe for the material to be a little thicker. However, never say never, and maybe I will venture into the world of jumpsuits one day…

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Have you ever tried one? Do you like the look of Pink Clove? Let me know in the comments!


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