After the success of her last small bust review, Heather is back with another post! This time she is reviewing the Backless and Strapless bra from Nudwear.

I was recently asked by Georgina if I would review a strapless and backless bra. Having recently had a rather large tattoo on my ribs and back I was struggling to wear bras and I getting pretty fed up of having to wear various amounts of layers to disguise my lack of bra! And so I agreed in an instant, and I could not wait for it to arrive.

I let Nudwear know my measurements of 29-33, and they selected the best size for me. Within days the bra arrived, and I was impressed by the lovely box that it came in. Inside the box was the bra in a great little bag, which has definitely encouraged me to put it away properly and this has kept it in a good condition.

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Initially I admit I was pretty dubious as to exactly how a strapless and backless bra would work and having never tried one before I was intrigued. Once I had opened the box and taken the bra out of the pretty tie up bag it was quite clear this was going to be a stick on bra, and so after peeling off the protective film on the inside of the bra I set to work on attaching the fillets. After several wears I have discovered the best way to do this is to place each cup on separately and then attach the clip afterwards, otherwise you may end up with a rather wonky cleavage.


As I have mentioned I have worn the bra several times and it is still just as sticky as when I first tried it on. The leaflet inside suggests you rinse gently with soap and water after and by doing this it can be worn up to 100 times which I would say it probably fairly accurate if you took proper care of it.

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My only criticism of the bra is that is completely see-through. I don’t just mean a little, it is like looking through a window, but a window that has a pair of boobs pressed against the other side! This is not the most attractive look and it does mean that you have to be slightly wary of wearing white with the bra.

I can genuinely say that I absolutely love this bra, and for the past week I have practically lived in it due to my tattoo situation. It’s also nice to not be pulling up straps and adjusting backs when wearing this bra with a lower cut dress that would usually show straps and a bra band off. Another great thing about this bra is that it allows you to adjust how much cleavage you’d like to create. I have to say I was pretty restricted in this as I do have a rather small bust, but I definitely managed to get just as good cleavage as I would have with a push up bra. I’d really recommend this to anyone that ranges from a 28 – 38 A – D bust, possibly even an E depending on your back size and bust pertness. From now on I definitely shan’t be shying away from backless tops and dresses with this in my underwear drawer.

Click here for the Nudwear size guide.


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