During the colder months I pretty much live in my Maidenform leggings. They stay up, suck my gut in, don’t go baggy during the day and they look fab! And so when I was given the chance to try the ‘look at me’ high waisted leggings from Spanx I was curious to see how they would compare to my trusty beloved Maidenforms.

I went for the leggings in an XL/16 and I have to say that when they arrived I was dubious as to whether they would fit – they looked so small! However, with a little shimmying I soon had them on and almost over the head! The length of the leggings meant I could tuck them under my bra creating less bulges and less chance of them drifting South during a days wear.
The material of the leggings feels like very thick tights, and I know that they and I will become firm friends this winter as they are so warm on.


I found that the leggings did a great job at smoothing me out and making me feel streamlined. However, I was disappointed at the lack of sucking in powers, which is not something that is promised but it would have been an added bonus! I wore the leggings for a full day and found them to be very warm. They didn’t appear to sag and bag as the day went on, and stayed firmly at my underbust. They made me look streamlined underneath my dress and whilst the lack of pulling in powers was a little alien, I still felt very confident and happy in the leggings.

For days when I need that extra bit of help on my stomach I will go for my Maidenform leggings. But if I’m just after some warm and a smooth look, I will reach for my the ‘look at me’ high waisted leggings from Spanx.

The bra worn in this post is an old Panache bra, and the shoes are several seasons old and from New Look.


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