Like many others, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at dressing up as the infamous Jessica Rabbit, and so when Nicola of My Boudoir consented to turn my dream into a reality, I was over the moon! I have also always had a bit of a thing for the gorgeous Poison Ivy, and so we settled on those two characters and both of us took some time to source various props and items to help me become them.

I was extremely happy to hear that my make up and hair artist for the day would be none other than the wonderful Sarah Elliott. I have had the pleasure of Sarah’s amazing skills on my previous shoots and I adore working with her! We had loads of fun chatting and laughing as she got rid of my eyebrows using some soap and created some new ones for me further up my head. She used Illamasqua, Mac and Kryolan products on me to create stunning purple cartoon like eyes and full plump lips. I was then wigged up with one of Nicola’s red wigs, and it was a shock to see myself in the mirror, but also completely amazing! I have had the pleasure of several make up artists in my time, and Sarah is probably my favourite due to her versatility and extraordinary attention to detail.

I made my way upstairs to the boudoir where I changed into my What Katie Did Morticia corset, TWO!!! Freya Deco bras (to give me very uplifted cartoon style boobs) and a short red sequin dress that Nicola had scored from eBay. The dress was strapless – something that my boobs do not like. And so it was agreed that for most of the shots we would use my hair to cover my bra straps. We thought that the short dress worked well as this was a boudoir shoot, and I loved how it fit me. I managed to find a plus size suspender belt on eBay and I did my usual trick of cutting some tights up to create the stocking look without worrying about my thighs turning into sausages. The gloves, shoes and rabbit prop were also eBay finds, and once everything was on I felt ready to become Jessica! Nicola’s amazing direction, vision and microphone prop helped me create some fab photos, and I had such a blast!

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After my stint as Jessica it was time for me to take on Miss Ivy! Sarah delicately removed the parts of my make up that needed to come off, and she then turned me into the most beautiful Poison Ivy! She and Nicola had actually spent a bit of time earlier on cutting ivy out of the garden, dipping it in glue and dusting green glitter on, and these were attached to my eyebrows. I was given fiery red orange eyes using the same brands as before, amazing eyebrows and fabulous glittery lips. I think by this point in the day the tiredness of the journey hit me, and I wasn’t the easiest person to make up. But Sarah, who was actually ill that day, persevered and I am still in awe of how I looked! Using my own hair, the trusty wig and an ivy crown that I had made using plastic ivy from eBay, she nailed the look and it was time for me to get back in front of the camera.

I added a long green t shirt to my bra and corset foundation. It was another eBay find that I had (badly) cut at the neck to make it a little more cleavagey. I once again added the suspender belt and some cut off tights, wrapped some more eBay ivy around myself and got my Poison on!

202 206 214 210

I was so so so pleased with the photos I got back from Nicola. I appreciate that cartoon characters are not really what ‘My Boudoir’ is about, but she did an AMAZING job at Boudoirising Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy for me.

If you want to check out more of Nicola’s amazing work and book your own shoot with her then click here to visit the My Boudoir website.

To see more of Sarah’s hair and make up work and book her then check out her website ‘Sarah Louise Elliott’.



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