One thing I get asked a lot is: as a bigger and bustier woman, what options are there for some fun sexy bedroom attire that doesn’t leave the boobs flailing about like a man being chased by a hoard of wasps.

I myself have been known to cram into Ann Summers babydolls and outfits that were made for someone with considerably less bust than I possess, nervously trying to hold onto my breasts in a sexy way, to avoid them flopping out onto the floor. What I craved for so so SO long was something besides my normal undies that I could wear in the bedroom. Something sexy, but not too revealing…

Enter Lola from Curvy Kate.

Lola is a babydoll that is based on the ‘Daily Boost’ bra from Curvy Kate. She comes in UK sizes 28-40 D-K which is just amazing. Curvy Kate quite often stagger the sizes on padded and moulded items, but Lola is available up to a K cup right acrposs the board. The babydoll retails at £39 on which is another shocker. Some babydolls that I have seen are double the price of bras, which I find absurd as surely the bra is the pricey bit, and the extra fabric should be a little extra?

Babydolls are not items of clothing that are made to be worn outside, unless perhaps you are off to a themed party, and yet you still want them to be practical as well as sexy.


I tried Lola in my generic size of 36H, with the matching size 20 thong. The bra comes with three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps, and it needs to be wiggled on over the head – something that I didn’t struggle too much with. The mesh skirt had the perfect amount of stretch to it, and was see through enough to reveal my thinly veiled butt cheeks, but not so see through that I’d have to leave rooms backwards in it. I love the satin trim along the bottom, and found that it flowed nicely over my body without adding too much bulk to my already generous stomachs.


The design on the cups is very pretty, but sadly the cups themselves just didn’t work for me. I tried to adjust my boobs, the straps and the band to see if the problem could be solved, but nothing seemed to work.


I do often come across the problem known as the ‘orange in the glass’ – where my boobs won’t reach the bottom of the cups due to the wires being too thin for the shape of my bust, and from what I can see this is possibly the problem here.


It didn’t leave me with any discomfort, and it’s not a feature that is visible until you’re close up and scrutinsing the fit, but it was a little disappointing for me and my wide boobies.


As with most Curvy Kate bras, the back band was stretchy yet firm, and the 36 felt good on me. I may have been ok in a 34, but when I put the bra on the tightest hooks I didn’t feel any better or worse, however, I did notice an explosion of back fat – not sexy! If this were a bra worn for a few hours at a time a few days a week, not a babydoll that possibly won’t spend too long on, I might look at trying my sister size of 34HH, but as it stand the 36 was good.

The size 20 thong was not a great fit. I was a little short on me, but I blame my huge bottom on that, and a 22 would probably have been more forgiving around the love handles.

If I were to wear this in an actual, ahem, bedroom situation I would probably add something that is every man’s weakness, and very fitting given that it is National Stocking Day…


Ta da! Being bigger and finding a suspender belt and some stockings that fits and doesn’t turn me into a string of girl shaped sausages is not an easy task, but with the help of scouring eBay for ‘plus size suspender belts’ and cutting up some old tights, I have a look that works for temporary occasions! The reason that I cut up tights instead of going for some of my suspenders that fit, is that, well… I don’t want to wear anything that I would cry over if it got hastily removed and ruined in the process, they don’t cut into my thighs and they are very easy to put on and take off! I have been known to wear them for photo shoots as well, and as much as I love the stocking and hold ups that I own, my cut up tights and my eBay suspender belt are still my go items for this look.

I’d love to see Lola in different colourways and hopefully in larger back sizes. Lola in ivory would be such a perfect bridal pieces – maybe by the time my own wedding comes around there will be one on the market!

What do you think of the Curvy Kate Lola babydoll? Will you be indulging?

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