I was recently offered the chance to try out a review a super sleek GHD hairdryer.


Despite having a thick unruly mane of hair I am not the best at drying it, mostly because I have SOOOOOOO much hair and it always seems like such an effort to have to dry it all. I know it would help me when styling it and prevent it from getting tangled but honestly, my ten year old hairdryer isn’t up to much these days. And so I was extremely excited to get my mitts on the GHD dryer and see if it would live up to the hype.

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Yes, those are some rather boring photos of my drying my hair! Hopefully they demonstrate the sheer volume of my mane! I have been using the dryer for around two weeks (as has Robbie!) and I have to say I love it! I lost the nozzle to my veteran hairdryer some years ago, and so it was nice to have a dryer with TWO different nozzles. I preferred the wider one as it covered a larger surface area. I was able to dry my towel dried hair in around ten minutes with this dryer and it gave me a beautiful sleek finish. I don’t tend to straighten my hair all too much, and after using this dryer I can see the irons gathering even more dust! I don’t use any product on my hair when I dry it as I’ve never found any that didn’t leave it too sticky, and to be honest, I’m not sure it needs any. Top marks for this dryer!

I’d now like to show you a little photo montage that I made to try to demonstrate how I create my very amateur victory rolls. True to form, they were camera shy on the one day I needed them to be picture perfect, but hopefully this will give you some idea of how you can style your hair…


For this look I use as many bobby pins as I can dig out of handbags and pick out of the cracks in the floor, hairspray, a thin comb, a brush and a curling iron.

I find it better to style my hair when it is straight to start off with.  It’s easier to brush and separate and see where my layers are.  I also prefer my hair to be clean or at the very least free of product.

I start by dividing my hair off into manageable sections.  By this I mean nothing too thick due to the length and the fact that I will be pinning it up, and it’s a little impossible with a fistful of hair!

I keep the tongs on a low heat as I will be handling my hair a lot and there’s nothing worse than burning yourself with your own hair…  I curl my hair inwards to try to give it volume.  Some people prefer to curl it sideways – it’s all about trial and error!


I keep the hair on the tong until it feels hot to touch, then I slide it off. This is rather tricky as the hair will be hot. I once tried it with some woolly gloves on, but it made me rather clumsy and so I now try to grin and bear it! The aim it to keep the curl in tact so that it can be pinned down and allowed to cool down and keep it’s shape for longer. I secure the curls to my head at the base of them using two bobby pins pinned in at opposite directions and crossed over each other. This helps secure the pins – vital for when you have to sleep with a head full of pin curls!

6vr 7vr 8vr

I really don’t have any sort of method to my curling – I try to work from top to bottom so I’m not flicking hair out of the way, but apart from that anything goes! One thing you must always make sure of is – get the very end of your hair in the tong and tucked into the pin curl. Nothing can ruin a ‘do quicker than errant straight ends amongst glossy curls!

9vr 10vr 11vr

One my hair is curled and pinned I lightly hairspray it. I used to spray each piece prior to curling it, and when I have my hair styled I know that some hair artists do that. However, I find it makes ominous hisses and so I’ve learnt to lightly spray it after curling. You don’t want to make your hair sticky and crunchy with the spray – not just yet anyway! Your hair still has a lot to go through and it needs to be able to move!

I usually take the time whilst my hair is cooling down to slap my face on, but as you can tell by my bronzed up cheeks, I did that before the tutorial! However, when getting ready it is perfect to do so in that order to make things time efficient – I am full of useful tips! In actual fact, during this tutorial I watched Homeland and ate pizza very carefully so as to avoid a lipstick massacre!

Once your face is on and you are dressed in an outfit that can survive a little hairspray rain, you are ready to remove all of the pins save the fringe ones, if you are also blessed with one. Most people brush their hair rather ferociously after pin curl removal, but I prefer a light patting down with the hair brush, and then a gentle teasing of the curls to make em sit pretty.

12vr 13vr

You now want to section off the chosen strands for your first victory roll. I try to keep the section small due to the fact that I have so much hair, and back combing a quarter of it and sticking it to my head would make even Gaga gasp. I separate the piece in two – the front that will be visible when rolled, and the back. I then hairspray the living crap out of the back section, and backcomb it like I’m in the 80s.

14vr 15vr 16vr

Then comes the roll! Oh the roll! I’ve spent blood draining tantrum throwing HOURS getting that roll right. And these photos were not a success at all, so please don’t judge me! I’ve watched a million videos in the hope that there is some tip on how to get it right EVERY time but I thing it’s a skill some have, and the rest of us just need to be happy with hit and miss. The best tip I can give you for creating the perfect roll is: backcomb until you look like Popeye. Yes, you will curse yourself the next time you brush or wash it, but you looked fucking fabulous, sod it. If the hair has enough structure it is more likely to behave – to be honest, it’s probably just been combed into compliance. Make sure that the forward facing section of the roll is smooth and sleek – comb it in the opposite direction if it helps 😉 And as you roll the hair keep hollowing it out with your fingers to ensure it is an actual roll and not just a matted clump.

17vr 18vr 19vr

Once the blasted thing is attached to your hair with as few pins as possible – more hairspray! You want to attach the pins in such a way that they are hidden and so good luck with that… I just use dark brown pins and if any nosey buggers get close enough to my hair to see them they’ll probably also pass out in a hairspray induced fog and have bigger things to worry about.


If you have a side parting like me and you also refuse to try out a middle parting just to make the victory rolling a bit easier, then you can rock asymmetry like I try too! I will be sticking a flower in at the end to try to convince people that wonky is where is at, fear not!

Last but not least, if you have a fringe then RELEASE IT! Once again separate the hair and backcomb and spray the underside of it. Then you want to gently comb the top of the fringe over it, praying that it has kept it’s shape after the pin curl and voila! You have a poofy fringe without the added drama of me trying to show you how to create a sausage fringe – we are all winners!


Use the remaining drops of that once full can of hairspray to render the whole ‘do immobile and stick a pretty flower in which ever side has the dodgiest victory roll going on. I choose you, left side! And voila, not my finest victory rolls ever but I hope the method was right!


To placate myself, here are some recent photos of me before a night out (you don’t want to see the afters – it involves me covered in the remains of a foot long Subway sandwich with my stray false eyelashes half way down my face…) when my victory rolls were PERFECT! I am wearing the one and only Collectif Dolores Doll dress – what else! Check out that sleek hair…

1175467_601244616586216_217797243_n 1239788_601231833254161_2131094019_n vrdd

I hope you have enjoyed these intimate photos of me pulling some rather odd faces and creating a clumsy hair do that I think most people could follow, they just may not want too.

For more style inspirations from actual qualified people click here.

Big love to Robbie for patiently taking these photos for me. He usually whinges like a little bitch when I ask him to do it, so thaaannkkssss baby! Oh, also, if he sees this I’ll know that he really DOES read my blog…


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