The Panache sports bra is a bra that is frequently heralded is being one of the best sports bras out there. I tried the bra in a 38H once upon a time, however, I found the back to be far too loose to give me adequate support in the back band.

I recently shifted a tiny bit of weight, and ended up trying the 34H to work out in. It worked really very well for me, however, I did find the cups to be a smidge small.

And so, like a busty Goldilocks, I finally tried the bra in a 36H and I took it for a test spin to a Beyoncé dance class!


The class involved an hour and a half of what can only be described as the most unlady like thrusting and jiggling from myself, and something called a ‘sexy floor roll’ that was more like a sausage roll when I tried it…


However, despite my graceless gyrating, the one thing that did not let me down were my breasts, and all that flailed about were my arms!


I felt supported and comfortable throughout my imploring for someone to put a ring on it with wild hand gestures, and I loved the shape the bra gave me.


The bra comes with half adjustable straps and three hooks and eyes.


The top portion of the straps is padded, which does make them rather more comfortable on the shoulders than other bras.

The back straps come with a small hook that means they can be made into a racer back style.

IMG_8769crossed IMG_8771crossed IMG_8772crossed IMG_8773crossed

This means that during vigorous exercise there will be no danger of the straps falling down, and the crossed straps will also help give extra support.

I have to say, I found the 34 band bra to be the best fit, but the cups on the 36H to work best for me. In conclusion, I still think that this bra would work best for me in a 34HH, however, my 34H and 36H bras do work very well for me. I know I am committing bra sin, but the 36H on the tightest hook is pretty darn perfect. I am generally a 36H in Panache, and so I would say this band is a tiny bit generous. I ended up testing the bra by doing star jumps in my living room – the things me (and my downstairs neighbours) have to go through…


The bra is available from Debenhams in a variety of colours. Click here to buy it in black.

Just a heads up – DO NOT MACHINE WASH THIS BRA! No matter what the spin cycle or temerature! It will ruin this bra! For more information on handwashing bras, check out Curvywordy’s blog post.


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