I get a lot of women asking me about the best way to store their bras to ensure that they last a long time and aren’t damaged. Truth be told, I may not be the best example of someone who takes cares of her bras because, well…


However, I was recently offered the chance to keep and review an item of furniture from Out There Interiors and so after a big of umming ahhing I went for this:


I thought it looked beautiful, and it could be the solution to my ever growing sofadrobe. It IS meant to be a besdside table, but visitors to my flat will know that I rarely use furniture for it’s primary intention. Coming soon in this post: my bookshelves!

I currently own an even amount of padded and moulded bras and non padded bras, and this storage unit would be for the latter, as these bras need to be stored differently to their more robust counterparts.

The best way to store non padded bras is like so:


You can fold the cups into each other without fear of ruining the shape or stretching the material. I always find it best to tuck the straps and band up into the cups so avoid them catching on anything – there’s nothing worse than going to grab a bra in the morning and retrieving some sort of Magician’s handkerchief bra formation!

The drawers on my new nifty piece of furniture were the perfect size for my bras.
They come out completely, which is great for packing the bras into it in the first place, and they are nice and deep. I decided to put only my matching briefs (ok, that’s pretty much all of them!) into the draw, as it meant I could store the matching knickers in the drawer below – perfect!

IMG_8576 IMG_8577 IMG_8594 IMG_8596 IMG_8591 IMG_8590 IMG_8589

I now have my eye on this chest for my moulded and padded bras, as sadly they take up a little more room. They need to be stored as if you have them on with concave cups pointing the right way, stacked one on top of each other.


If you were to store them with one cup inside each other you may unwittingly stretch one cup too much and reduce the life of your bra:

So be careful with how you store padded and moulded bras.

How do you store your bras?


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