As the weather starts to turn a little colder, I’m starting to forage into the dark depths of my wardrobe for items that will withstand the British Autumn. One such dress that is light enough to still wear in this interchangeable British weather, yet heavy enough to keep the chill out is my 2XL Birdie dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.


It is sadly no longer available in the luxurious rich colourway, however, the classic cut and perfect sleeve ans skirt lengths means that it will be a winner regardless.


The belt helps to do it’s usual thing to me – cinch me in and make me feel vaguely shapely. The sleeves are an ideal length and do not cut in or restrict my movement at all.


The neckline and small collar are both flattering as well as being demure enough for pretty much any situation. I have a few wintery weddings coming up, and this could be the perfect dress for one of them. I could brighten it up with pops of bold green, blue or gold, or keep it dark by adding black accessories.


What are your go to wardrobe items for the cooler weather? Do you, like me, stick to your usual style but just in a more weather appropriate fabric and cut? Let me know in the comments.


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