I was recently offered the chance to review an item from the brand new ‘Curvy’ collection at Little Mistress. When I got to the site I couldn’t believe my eyes! On there there was a dress that I have seen around the internet and wanted to try for ages- the multi colour bodycon midi dress with a floral panel.
And so I went for this dress in a size 18.

I love the illusion created with the floral on the black and I wanted to see how this dress might work for me. As it was listed as being a ‘midi’ dress, I just prayed that the model was 6’7 and that it would fall below my knees.

Sadly, the dress fit me exactly as it did on the model, meaning that I will pair it with some thick black tights or leggings when I wear it out as nothing will make me feel happy about showing my legs off!


The dress is made of 100% polyester, meaning that it stretches to accommodate me. I would like it if it were a little thinner and therefore stretched into my waist a little more, but I will be able to sort that with a belt!


I love love LOVE the colours in this dress! They are every bit as bright and vibrant in real life and this means that I can team it with any number of colours of accessories, and not just my old black wedges from New Look.


As I had hoped, the illusion is great. I adore clothes that help show off my shape and this dress is no exception. I love that the flowers are also on the back of the dress to give that marvellous illusion from every angle!


The neckline on this dress works because of the hemline. Having a big bust and wearing a high neckline can sometimes be worse than showing lots of cleavage, but this dress gets the balance just right. I also love the sleeves as they are a good length and completely non restrictive. The slightly puffy shoulders are a fabulous touch as well.


All in all the multi colour bodycon midi dress with a floral panel is a surprisingly good dress on me, and one that I like. I could rock this with a pin up hair do and some hair flowers on a night out and still feel like ‘me’, or team it with boots and a jacket in the winter and wear it as a day dress. It won’t crease easily, it’ll be perfect all year round, and I can see it working on women of many different ages and sizes and shapes.

At present the ‘Curvy’ collection at Little Mistress only contains a few pieces, all in sizes 18-24, but as this is a new venture for the company I do have high hopes for them. The dresses they stock are really cute and fun, and so different to the generic ‘plus size’ lines we are used too.

What do you think of the collection and the dress I chose?


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