I must admit, I have never owned a really luxurious piece of lingerie. Truth be told, I’ve never ever seen anything in my size! And so when Sandra Palmer of Louise Ferdinand Lingerie offered to custom make me a set it really was a no brainer!

Here is a little more about the company and collections:

(Taken from the About section of her website) – “Louise Ferdinand Lingerie is the brain child of Sandra Palmer who has a fresh outlook with innovative and creative designs for the market.

The name Louise Ferdinand is a marrying of her mother’s name and father’s middle name.

This company is dedicated to her dad who was taught tailoring as a trade as a young man in Jamaica and used this skill to make uniforms and dance outfits and other clothing for her and her siblings and gave me my love for design, who died in 1999 RSVP. And her mother who is still alive, who is her muse: Louise a very classy woman who has excellent style and elegance, it’s what she feels all women should be when wearing her lingerie.

Sandra’s lingerie is designed also inspired by 1950’s glamour and the images of glamorous women of that period including Betty Page, Lana Turner and Sophia Loren and she wanted to create collections that incorporated the look of vintage with the feel of the modern. With this in mind at present her collections just includes bras and knickers; therefore bringing in the modern factor in the freeness of the silhouette.

She also wanted to create collections that could be worn by the larger cup sizes something she knows only too well about having an ample figure. Therefore she is offering bra cup sizes from 28-38 D-KK cup catering for women who have smaller to larger back sizes.

Louise Ferdinand Lingerie is designed for a very classy, sophisticated and individualistic and a woman who has a love for glamour of the 1950’s when women could celebrate their curves with the modern shapes associated with the 21st century.

Sandra’s signature is incorporating the look of vintage with the modern silhouette.”


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Louise Ferdinand Look Book 13 PDF

Louise Ferdinand Press Release PDF

I was lucky enough to meet Sandra at her recent trunk show, and she told me a little more about her exquisite line. Sandra and I have very similar figures, and after graduating at DMU she decided to persue the larger cup lingerie avenue, as she knows only too well how tricky it is to find lingerie for a larger bust. And so she created Louise Ferdinand Lingerie, a high end luxury bespoke lingerie brand. Realistically, she can make lingerie for any size of bust, and she hand makes everything herself. I was lucky enough to see several of her pieces in the flesh, and every single one is absolutely stunning to look at.

The set that she made for is called ‘Kitty’.

I gave her my bra and knicker size and she set to work on a gorgeous custom set for me. I must admit, I was really chuffed when I discovered that it would be a leopard print set!

IMG_7727 IMG_7787 IMG_7785

The bra fit me perfectly! It’s not a style that I have ever tried before, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how the set looked.


The cups are made of a two part construction, which gave my bust that more retro shape.


The straps start from the centre of the cups, which helped maintain that more pointy retro look. It also makes this a perfect set for women with narrow shoulders who find that the straps fall off easily.


The leopard print detail is handstitched onto the mesh cups, and it’s extremely beautiful to look at. The pale pink trim is really offset by the black of the cups and is very striking.


The straps of the bra are fully adjustable, and the band has three hooks and eyes by two.


I must say that I found the briefs to be a little too brief due to the size of my ample derriere, something I neglected to warn Sandra about! However, the were very comfy, just a little too skimpy!

I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Louise Ferdinand Lingerie, especially after being told a few exclusives by Sandra. Her bridal lingerie pieces are my favourites from the collection as I know that so many large busted women struggle to find gorgeous pieces to wear on their special day.

So if you are after some custom made luxury lingerie then look no further than Louise Ferdinand Lingerie.

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