I was recently sent the ‘Birds Of A Feather’ set from Tutti Rouge. The set was a size 36HH/XL, which seems to be the best fit for me.


This bra felt very similar to my Tutti Rouge Betty bra in a few ways. Firstly, my boobs once again had the ‘orange in the glass’ effect, meaning that no matter how much I scooped and tucked and shook them, they wouldn’t sit in the bottom of the bra.


The construction of the cups with the lace upper section seemed to give my bust a rather pointed shape. This was slightly noticeable under tight fitting tops, but perfect under slightly bust restrictive dresses as it gave my boobs an orb like shape that was enhanced by such dresses. I adore the way the straps start from within the cup. It help push my boobs inwards and lessen my side boob situation.


The pattern of the bra is just stunning. As a big busted girl it is amazing to have something so pretty as this in my size. I loved the pink lace at the top of the cups, and it didn’t itch or feel rough. The only slight discomfort that I felt from this bra was at the top of the central gore. It seemed to prickle me, for want of a better word, and so I slipped a tiny bit of tissue in against my chest to help solve the sensation as I wore the bra out.


The half adjustable straps suit my broad shoulders and rather low bust, however they may not be ideal for everyone. The adorable heart shaped adjustable straps are, as ever, a really cute unique touch. The band sported three hooks and eyes, and felt rather stretchy. I felt like I could maybe have sized down in this bra, but it did feel a little firmer than the Betty.
The knickers that came with the set were meant to be worn lower as a ‘skirt’. However, I found them to be a lot comfier sat higher, although the crotch region is a little risqué! The see-through bum section is forever appreciated by Robbie, and I found these to be a very generous XL. They are some of the comfiest knickers I own and had ample room for my ample proportions!

In conclusion – this is a beautiful set. If you are looking for something feminine, gorgeous and comfortable then Tutti Rouge is your girl.


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