‘Custom made lingerie’ – doesn’t that sound like a dreamy proposition. And luckily for me, my dream came true recently when Eva of ParaNoire Design contacted me and offered to make me a pair of knickers.


“Hi, I’m Eva.

I’m a self-taught seamstress and aspiring statistician with a minor in theoretical medicine. A lot of people find that combination somewhat peculiar, but I think it’s awesome. In my world, art, fashion, sewing and patternmaking are just the perfect fields of application for math of any kind.

Before I found out how awesome math can be (after dreadful, agonizing years of math classes at school I was somewhat traumatized), I tried some more philisophical and artsy career options:

  • Psychology (I found out that people really ARE weird)
  • Fashion Design (dropped out after only a few months because I got bored and the people were annoying)
  • Textile Conservation (opportunities to study are rare and I didn’t manage to get through to the last round)
  • Cartography (at least I considered it…)

Now I’m math geek by day and seamstress by night — or vice versa, depending on my sleep cycle — and try to make the world a better place with everything I do.

ParaNoire Design is my part time job.  It was founded in May 2007 after more and more people kept asking if my handmade creations were for sale. So I just started selling them :)

When it comes to creating things, I live by a few simple principles.

  • be original — don’t just copy what someone else has already done
  • make things for everyone — clothes should be made to fit the wearer, no matter what shape or size (and not the other way around!)
  • reduce waste and minimize your impact on nature — try to use natural / pre-owned / vintage materials and make beautiful things from even the tiniest of leftovers
  • share knowledge — If you know how to do something great, teach others and make them happy

ParaNoire into a brand that focuses on lingerie and pretty accessories. I do a lot of custom and/or one-of-a-kind work and love to make pretty things for people of all sizes and shapes. I also work on being able to offer custom made bras, but that project is still in very early stages of development and I’m not officially taking custom bra orders right now.”

You can find Eva’s ParaNoire shop on Etsy, and below are some of the examples of items she currently sells.


This a gorgeous set made out of cream silk.

This is a high waisted panty with garters and seamless side panel. As with all panties, Eva can make them in any color combination and custom sized.

This is a ‘Peek-a-Boo’ style knicker which can be made in any size or color.

These cute bloomers can be made in any size.

When Eva asked me what kind of knickers I wanted I only really had a few preferences – something high waisted, retro looking and large bottom and thigh accommodating! Eva asked for my waist and hip measurements and soon my surprise knickers were ready!


The knickers are the ‘retro polkadot panty with black polkadot, mesh high waist and no side seam’. They were made for a 33 inch waist and 48 inch hips.


The bow detail is subtle and very cute – who can resist bows and spots!?


The knickers do indeed accommodate my arse, and they do so in a very gorgeous sheer polka dot manner. They don’t sit on my waist as such, meaning that they are a tad tighter than anticipated. However, they are extremely comfortable and flattering.


The biggest thing for me with these knickers was the way they fit my legs. Some knickers can cut in and make my sausage legs look less than great. But these ParaNoire knickers were perfect on my thighs.

Custom made lingerie can be quite a pricey investment, but it is an investment nonetheless. I have worn and washed my gorgeous knickers several times since they arrived, and they do feel great on. For me I just struggle to get things that fit over my bottom, and so anything that does is instantly comfortable.

What do you think of ParaNoire’s work? Are you inspired to try some pieces yourself?

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