Bras! Bras! Bras! Women tend to have a love hate relationship with these nifty little creations. Whether they just can’t seem to find the perfect bra that fits just right or they have an obsession and may “collect” as many as they can get their hands on; after all, some of these things are super sexy and stylish! Bras today have changed in style and design from those …interesting bras of our past, but it seems that there are still some clichés in the system. There are handfuls of women who still have an extremely difficult time finding bras that fit them the way they should. Instead of having the comfort and support they deserve, they may end up with bulge, sagginess, or even multi-boob issues! Finding the perfect or “right” bra size should be a must on every woman’s to-do list!
Bra Fitting - Infographic
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