As most of you will have spotted, I adore corsets! My ultimate favourite corset has to be the Morticia from What Katie Did.Volup2_Simplicity_Page_199
The reason that I love the Morticia corset so much is because she is perfect for someone like me who has a ‘curvier’ figure, and a large hip to waist ratio. I’ve never quite found a corset so perfect, and so I was thrilled when Corsets UK asked me if I would like to try one of their ‘Highly Curvaceous’ corsets.
The steel boned corset promised to work on ladies with a “large difference in waist and hip measurement” – that sounded like me!
The lovely Lizzie from Corsets UK sent me a size 32 corset to start with – I usually wear a 30 or 28, but that’s in underbust corsets where my boobs do not roam!
The corset fitted me quite well. I especially liked how it fit on my hips. However, I did find it not quite roomy enough on my bust and a bit too short for my long torso. It sufficed for a cheeky photo shoot with My Boudoir but I wasn’t convinced that my assets would have stayed put for anything more strenuous…

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Lizzie and I decided that a size down in the corset might work well on me, as I had been able to lace it closed at my waist. I knew it wouldn’t be any better on my bust, but I was curious to see how it would fit.


As you can see my bust does NOT look ready to stay put in the corset, however it did give me a lovely shape.


The length of the corset is, as previously stated, a bit too short for my torso. I am 5’7 with a long body and so I am used to things coming up fairly short on me, but sadly a too short corset = tummy bulge!


The corset laced with a ribbon, and I find that hard to lace up on my own. I feel that the corset could have gone smaller with the assistance of someone else, but I am happy with the shape it gave me as it was.


I had the corset on for almost an hour as I took photos and checked how it looked. I did find it very comfortable, but not quite as flexible as some corsets I have owned. I couldn’t do my shoes up in a corset like this, but I would be able to last an evening in it.

The next highly curvaceous corset that I tried was a size 32 underbust corset.


I really loved this corset! It didn’t give me an overly dramatic shape, but it was a great length and felt very comfortable on.


I once again was unable to fasten it as tightly as I would have liked, which may in turn have led to a more extreme silhouette, but I was pleased with how easy it was to put on.


The cord tie is my preferred corset fastening as it feels durable and easy to use, as it were.


As much as I am disappointed that the overbust corset wasn’t a great success on me, I am excited to find another great curve accommodating underbust corset that does account for my hips and height. I think that the overbust corset range will work better on shorter women with a 8-10 inch difference between their waist and hips.

What do you think of my new corsets? Are you a fan of the highly curvaceous corsets from Corset UK?


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