As some of you may know, I have *tentatively* started to go jogging in preparation for me running the ‘Race For Life’ 10k in a few weeks. Up until now I have been using my trusty Shock Absorber, but I thought it was time to try something a little different to see whether anything else could ever match the firm feeling I got from my trusty bra.

And so I turned to Bras & Honey and asked to try this Shock Absorber bra.

brasandhoney D01_05_SHOCK-ABSORBER_B4490-white

I asked for it in a 36H, and I have to say that the first thing I noticed about this bra was how easy it was to do up! Shock Absorbers are notoriously hard to fasten up, but this bra actually felt ok on the tightest hook. I really loved the style of fastening, and found it helped the straps stay up on my shoulders.

The cups were wire and padding free, and I was expecting them to fit me like my old faithful shock Absorber. However, the cut of the cups differed slightly at the arms. It cut across a little bit, and gave me a bit of dreaded ‘side boob’!


I also found that the bra didn’t quite give me the support needed for running. I jogged for almost an hour the other day, and I didn’t feel too bouncy or in pain, however, it was not the best bra for such an activity.


I then tried my bra out during a few gym sessions, and found it very comfortable for low impact exercise, such as cycling and floor work. It didn’t cut in or move around. It did give my boobs quite a ‘mono’ boob look, but it’s not something that worries me.

All in all this bra has not been the greatest success for what I intended, but it still suffices as a sports bra for gentler exercises.

Why not check out the other sports bras that Bras & Honey sell and see if they have something perfect for you.


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